Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

ZAP’s data management & analytics software gives you faster, better reporting from D365 Business Central

ZAP’s reporting solution for Dynamics 365 Business Central is based on the ELT Data Warehouse automation software, ZAP Data Hub. Optimized for Business Central, it replaces inefficient manual processes and strain on IT and finance teams.


Efficient Dynamics BC reporting

From its roots in the Navision through the arrival of D365 in 2016, and BC’s launch in 2018, ZAP has decades of experience working with the models, tables, and intricacies of Business Central. ZAP Data Hub’s smart data connectors and pre-built data models automate access, integration, and preparation of all BC data, for financial and operational reporting.

Report from all versions of Dynamics BC

Our ELT and data warehouse automation software, ZAP Data Hub is optimized for all versions of Dynamics 365 Business Central.  Not only does ZAP Data Hub automate BC reporting, it also helps when you upgrade from one Microsoft ERP to another, as well as with historical reporting from your additional decommissioned, legacy systems.

Reduce IT’s reporting burden

ZAP Data Hub’s reporting solution for Dynamics 365 Business Central allows you to automate the access, integration, preparation, and unification of ERP data and, as a result, reduce the need for coding, scripting, consultancy, and IT hours when new, revised or regular financial, sales or operational reports are required.

Removing the risk of human error

Manual data processing is slower, clumsier, and potentially ungoverned.  And it can involve human error might from either copy-and-paste mistakes or misinterpretations of processes.  To say nothing of key-person dependencies.  ZAP Data Hub reduces all these risks through software automation.

Better BI from cross-functional reporting

If your business has more than multiple instances of D365 BC – or a variety of ERP software across multiple offices – ZAP Data Hub will automatically unify all relevant data sources to provide true cross-functional reporting.

Reporting from all back-office systems

Alongside D365 BC, ZAP Data Hub is optimized for all software in the Microsoft Dynamics family – as well as other popular back-office business systems such as Sage, Salesforce, SAP Business One, and SYSPRO.

Report from cloud and on-premise data

With no coding required, ZAP Data Hub will connect to both the Cloud and On-Promises versions of D365 BC. Your additional data sources – either cloud or on-premises – can also be quickly integrated, too.

D365 BC reporting in Power BI

If your business has adopted Microsoft Power BI, choose ZAP Data Hub’s D365 BC solution and get a whole host of pre-built, tailorable dashboards for all departments – all available free from the Power BI store on AppSource.

D365 BC reporting in Tableau

ZAP is a Tableau Technology partner and our software’s smart data connectors and pre-built data model for D365 BC automates data preparation for Tableau, giving all departments the visualizations they need – and fast.

…Or report with ZAP’s own BI

No BI layer in place? No worries. ZAP Data Hub includes its own BI, perfectly tailored to D365 BC. It includes pre-built, tailorable dashboards for finance, sales, and operations to get you up and running straight away.

“ZAP Data Hub increases ROI and insight from business intelligence software. Business leaders can analyze data from multiple systems and data sources on one screen, either in Power BI or Tableau.” – Business Computer World

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