Move Your Data to Azure

Whether you need consolidated data for analytics and reporting or are driving towards data science on Microsoft Azure, ZAP Data Hub will get you there. ZAP Data Hub for Azure intelligently automates the acquisition of data from one or more data sources – from ERP and CRM to SQL databases and Excel – and delivers an Azure-based data warehouse for use with BI tools including Power BI and Tableau.If you are a data professional that needs fast, automated and agile data warehouse delivery on the Azure data platform, look no further than ZAP Data Hub for Azure: no expensive consulting, no endless requirements discovery, just a toolset that rapidly moves your data onto Microsoft Azure.A successful journey to the Azure data platform starts with ZAP Data Hub for Azure.

Flexible Azure ELT Data Warehouse automation

ZAP Data Hub is available as a SaaS offering on Azure with Data Warehouse included. This provides turnkey Azure ELT plus an SQL Server Data Warehouse solution. Or read more about ZAP Data Hub for Azure – available now on the Azure Marketplace — with which your data is acquired by ZAP Data Hub and delivered to your own Data Warehouse within your existing Azure SQL Environment.

Integrate with Azure Data Factory

Far from being VM-based software retrofitted for Azure, ZAP Data Hub for Azure has been built specifically for the platform and amplifies your Azure investments, bringing tangible value to your cloud data platform while empowering fantastic analytical insights using tools like Power BI or Tableau.You can even use Azure Data Factory to orchestrate the processing of ZAP Data Hub, creating a rich path for data from one or more sources to your data warehouse, analysis and into your future with Azure Data Science features.Your journey to Azure as your analytical data platform starts here, with ZAP Data Hub for Azure. Request a demo today, or find out more via ZAP Data Hub for Azure on Azure Marketplace.

Why Migrate Your Data and BI to Azure Cloud?

Microsoft Azure offers a sophisticated landscape and tools for IT and data professionals to move their data and BI to the cloud.The Azure Data Platform can help a business’s objectives in data science, data warehousing, business intelligence and analytics.

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