Introducing ZAP Data Hub:

ZAP Data Hub is an ELT and data warehouse automation software. It’s the fastest way to deliver accurate, trusted financial and operational reporting in BI tools including Tableau and Power BI. We have optimized solutions for Microsoft Dynamics, the Sage portfolio, Salesforce, SAP Business One, SYSPRO, and smart data connectors for many other datasources.


Hear from some of our customers…

“I recommend ZAP for the quality of their work and the excellent customer-supplier relationship, as well as the effectiveness of their solution and their high commitment to the internal objectives of the company.”

Efrain Garduño Flores, IT Manager, Selanusa

“Everybody who has access to ZAP Data Hub and starts using information from the system has seen an improvement in their efficiency.”

Jim Fennell, Information Systems Manager, Lagan Management

“ZAP Data Hub has saved us so much time and money – if we didn’t implement it, we would literally have had to clone me and hire another IT manager!”

Tyler Sevrens, IT Manager, Sandel Foods

“Prior to implementing ZAP Data Hub, our ability to evaluate business performance was very limited. Today we’re equipped with knowledge and accessible and timely data, making us extremely happy with both the product and our level of service.”

Kirstie Jenkin, Business Systems Manager, Colonial

“We needed a tool that would be used to ‘urbanize’ data in our information systems and was simple to maintain. ZAP Data Hub delivers on both counts. It’s smart, ergonomic, and modern. We also selected ZAP because of the follow-up and the credibility of their staff.”

Yannick Huo Chao Huan, IT Project Manager, Convivio

“ZAP Data Hub is a quick, clever, simple way of standing up a data warehouse with all the transformations and joins done automatically!”

Chris Greaves, Customer Insights Manager, Esri UK

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About ZAP

Founded in 2001, ZAP is a leader in SaaS for data management & analytics. We have offices in USA, Europe, Australia, and South Africa, and a sales partner footprint across more than 80 countries.
ZAP Data Hub is used in all industry sectors, from mid-sized businesses to Fortune 500 and FTSE 100 organizations. The Sage Data & Analytics platform is powered by ZAP Data Hub and is the result of a long-standing ISV relationship.