ZAP Data Hub is the only pre-packaged data management and analytics software optimized for Salesforce

IT and Data Managers that need fast, simple access to Salesforce data, look no further than ZAP Data Hub: low-cost and easy to use pre-packaged ELT and data warehouse automation software with out-of-the-box data connector, data model, semantic layer and analytics for Salesforce.

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All these pre-packaged features out-of-the-box:

Instant 360° insight with pre-built analytics

From Marketing to Sales, Production to Labor, get an instant 360° view of the business with over 500 pre-built analytics and calculations for multiple, integrated data sources, including Salesforce.

ZAP Data Hub analytics deliver richer, cross-functional insights across multiple, integrated data sources, including Salesforce, other ERP, CRM, finance systems, HRM, marketing and more.

Viewed with BI tools such as Power BI and Tableau, pre-built analytics for ZAP Data Hub provide instant reporting out-of-the-box and a foundation on which to build individual analytics requirements.

Unique features

The best data management software for Salesforce, ZAP Data Hub automates ELT and data warehouse creation and includes 500 built-in Salesforce-specific calculations and analytics.

Access your Salesforce data – no matter where it’s hosted – and create a feature-rich data warehouse and semantic layer with zero code. Automated data integration and intuitive UI-based data modeling for better reporting. Built-in governance for accuracy and security.

Connect and integrate to all your other business data sources: ERP, CRM, financial systems, SQL, Oracle, and Excel.

Real benefits

Save the time and expense of manual data management, remove the risk of human error, minimize key-man dependencies.

Achieve deeper, faster analysis in Power BI and Tableau.

Deliver true cross-functional analysis by connecting additional data sources.

Maintain access to legacy versions of NAV for continuous reporting, smooth upgrades and system migrations.

“ZAP’s solution aims to automate elements of the time-consuming and more complex aspects of manually building a data warehousing platform.”

Key features of ZAP Data Hub for Salesforce

Quick and easy data collection:

  • Cloud, on-premise or hybrid data sources
  • Drag-and-drop process, no scripts needed
  • Automatically collect metadata: localized captions, descriptions, relationships, data types, enumerations
  • Plus financial/inventory dimensions and organizational hierarchies
  • Also handles multi-company and multi-currency data (including multiple date calendars)
  • And multiple instances of Salesforce itself

Intuitive data modeling:

  • Wide selection of pre-set, optimized, verified data models
  • Familiar business terminology and graphical interface

Automated data warehouse:

  • Build data warehouses automatically
  • Built-in data type detection and profiling

Built-in data governance:

  • Enterprise-class controls set security permissions and access
  • Maintains corporate best practice, customer trust, legislative compliance

Automated data integration:

  • Faster and more accurate than manual data integration
  • Quickly and efficient regardless of data type, size or attributes

Automated semantic layer:

  • Replace technical data chores with logical, automated steps and caption-based metadata
  • Cross-ledger querying, hierarchies, aggregations and materialized calculations

Unique SaaS offering, multiple deployment options

ZAP Data Hub’s Software as a Service (SaaS) offering is unique in the marketplace. It includes automated maintenance, back-up, disaster recovery, guaranteed 99.5% service uptime and compliance with security, privacy and governance standards. Your cloud-based data can be integrated and managed just as easily as your on-premise data.

Any or all elements of ZAP Data Hub — e.g. application, data warehouse and/or semantic layer — can be deployed in any combination of on-premise or private cloud (Azure or AWS). ZAP Data Hub is built on Microsoft Azure and SQL Server and includes AD, Azure AD, and ADFS enterprise authentication.

“Brilliant… Helped cut down month end reporting from two weeks to three days.”

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