Business benefits of partnering with ZAP

Software resellers, consultancies and cloud service providers partner with ZAP to deliver instant business reporting to their customers and clients with ZAP Data Hub.

ZAP’s partner program and feature-rich partner portal make training, enablement and building a sales pipeline simple, fast and efficient. You deliver ROI to your customers, and ZAP delivers ROI to you.

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The ZAP Partner Program

The ZAP Partner Program forges strong, profitable relationships with businesses that want to deliver a cost-effective solution to their customers’ data, BI and reporting needs.
ZAP software solutions are proven to increase new license, subscription, cloud, and services revenues, as well as customer retention and lifetime value. The Partner Program’s tiered approach rewards increased commitment with increased investment and collaboration.
Our experts guide you through the Partner Pathway to quickly deliver revenue and realize a return on your investment in ZAP. And the ZAP Partner Portal provides on-demand access to all the assets and support you will need at every stage of your journey.


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overview presentation, sample business case, ROI calculator.

Partner Testimonials

“With such unique and flexible capabilities, pitching ZAP Data Hub always put us in a stronger position when competing against others who sell similar solutions.”

Darren Saint, Account Development Manager
Datel, Sage-specialist ZAP sales partner in the UK

“One of our brightest and most well-known technology partners in the field of ETL and data warehouse automation. Their software brings instant reporting and cross-functional analysis to Tableau users, without the need for lengthy, expensive, manual and script-based data warehousing projects or data wrangling tools.”

Ed Dolman, Vice President of EMEA Partners
Tableau, worldwide ZAP technology partner

“The support provided by ZAP has been outstanding! No matter how challenging our customers’ requirements can be, the continuous professionalism, collaboration and promptness from ZAP is ever present.”

Tia Malevitis, Head of Sales
SynergERP, Sage-specialist ZAP sales partner in South Africa

“The pre-built analytics feature of ZAP Data Hub is a game changer! We’ve watched our customers try to implement other analytics tools into SYSPRO, but it always proves to be too complicated and time consuming, so to have everything predefined takes a huge weight off their shoulders.”

Maron Mashile, Functional Lead: Business Intelligence
SYSPRO Africa, ZAP technology partner in South Africa

“We’ve seen the demand for a reporting tool which can connect to various data sources to generate one unified report — and ZAP does exactly that.”

Churchward Mucheki, Group CEO
Mucheki Consulting, Sage-specialist ZAP sales partner in South Africa

“The ZAP guys showed us how ZAP Data Hub can help us improve our win rate while also increasing our deal size. A killer combination.”

Nancy Teixeira, VP Scale-Up & Enterprise
Sage Canada, worldwide ZAP technology partner

“It’s still a major struggle for many organizations to get accurate, fast reporting and cross-functional insight from their existing, structured data… which is why we have selected ZAP Data Hub.”

Rick Bawcum, Founder and CEO
, ZAP sales partner in the USA

“As a Service Partner and Value-Added Reseller of ZAP, we’re able to offer the latest in data management and analytics technologies which help businesses produce valuable insight.”

Johnny Read, Managing Director
Village Software
, ZAP sales partner in the UK