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SaaS Fair Use Policy

Last Updated on: 26-Apr-2022

Because of the flexibility of ZAP Data Hub analytics and features, it is possible to place considerable and unforeseen load on our cloud infrastructure. So please allow us to set out a few guidelines and call out a few restrictions. We won’t enforce these strictly, but for where it is necessary to ensure your experience and the experience of fellow customers.


You might just want to check you’re familiar with these terms:

  • Tenant – a single-customer Data Hub instance.

  • Host – a cloud environment that hosts one or more Data Hub tenants.

  • Customized model – an out-of-the-box model that has been modified in any way OR a custom model built from scratch.


ZAP reserves the rights to reasonably vary elements of your environment such as application settings, specifically:

  • We may limit total model processing time.

  • We may queue both manual and scheduled processes to spread out load, unless you paid for a dedicated host.

  • We may enforce query timeouts and vary these timeouts without notification.

  • We may throttle the total number of queries across all your users that can run in parallel.

  • We may enforce other resource constraints without notification.

For All Non-dedicated Plans

  • Scheduled intraday processing (7am to 7pm) is limited to one model process per 2 hours and running for a soft-limited maximum of 20 minutes (10 minutes for Standard plans). Note: ZAP recommends add-only process configurations to stay within this limit.

  • Scheduled weeknight processing (7pm to 7am local time) is limited to running for a soft-limited maximum of 2 hours (1 hour for Standard plans).

  • Scheduled weekend processing (12am Saturday to 12am Monday local time) is limited to running for a soft-limited maximum of 4 hours (2 hours for Standard plans).

  • And finally, where a customized model regularly exceeds the soft limits above, we may ask you to make model changes to reduce load on the host. This usually results in material improvements in performance for your end users. Where you accept these changes, you are accepting responsibility for user acceptance testing (UAT). Where you don’t accept these changes in a reasonable time, we may suggest an alternative plan OR enforce the otherwise soft-limited times above.

  • Some features that are not license-restricted, such as OData API or External Links are subject to this Fair Use policy and your reasonable usage of the platform. In some scenarios, when your usage of those features far exceeds the limits of the standard ZAP-provisioned infrastructure, ZAP reserves the right to charge you for any excess usage.

ZAP reserves the right to modify this fair use policy from time to time without notification, but also without unreasonable deviation from the content. 

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