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Zap Cloud SLA

Last Updated: 28 Nov 2017

This page describes the ZAP Cloud Service Level Commitments that are associated with the ZAP Cloud Service operated by ZAP; and its Terms of Service.


The Service Level Commitment for Availability is 99.5%, per billing cycle.

The Cloud Platform shall be Available twenty-four hours per day, seven days per week, each day of the year, except for periods of Scheduled Maintenance; ZAP shall meet the Service Level Commitment as set forth below during each month of the Subscription Term.

ZAP conducts tests by querying the Service every 5 minutes, outside of the Service’s location.

The Availability metric is simply calculated using the following formula—A/B, where:

  • A: Total number of successful monitor responses outside of Scheduled Maintenance windows

  • B: Total number of monitor queries outside of Scheduled Maintenance windows

In addition to Schedule Maintenance windows, the following items are also excluded in the calculation of Availability: Service disruption related to a force majeure event, Service Disruption caused by Customer, or is otherwise related to a Client-side problem; and also following a Schedule maintenance, if data models require being fully re-processed due to structural updates introduced with new functionality.

ZAP shall provide you with quarterly reports on service availability, upon request.


Most Scheduled Maintenance periods are automated and configurable in the Service; they may or may not generate an Outage Time, and are conducted:

  • Every week, for environmental updates such as security patches;

  • Every month, for Software updates. This scheduled outage may include corrected defects and new functionality in the form of a software update. Such monthly updates may be delayed by Customer under some constraints and by no more than the next on-premise version. Software updates may require a full process of the data model.

Customer shall be informed within a reasonable amount of time for any extra maintenance periods. ZAP reserves the right to perform maintenance outside of these above-scheduled windows if circumstances require but such maintenance shall be deemed Emergency Maintenance and shall not be excluded from the Availability metric.


If the Availability commitment is not met in one billing cycle, you will be eligible for a credit against your Subscription Fee in the amount set forth in the table below. You may claim this credit within seven (7) days after the end of the Month during which the outage occurs.

Availability (%)

Credit (% of monthly subscription fee)

90.0% - 99.5%

85% - 89.9%

84.9% or less




You must request the credit by filing a Support ticket in the ZAP HelpDesk Portal, which must contain your account name, the dates and times of the unavailability of the Service, and such other identification as requested by ZAP. Your right to claim a credit expires at the end of the seven-day period. Credits shall be the sole and exclusive remedy in the event that there is no Service available for a period of time.

System Recovery, Backup and Retention Policy

We employ an exhaustive backup and disaster recovery processes for each Hosted platform for every Subscription to guarantee that data is adequately protected and can be recovered quickly.

Each Cloud Platform has a Disaster Recovery Plan that serves as the governing body during a disaster. Once a disaster recovery event is declared, approved and the Disaster Recovery Plan is executed, a standard Recovery Time Objective and Recovery Point Objective apply.

The maximum Recovery Time Objective is 24 hours, and a different Recovery Point Objective applies to each component of the Service.

A new Hosted platform might have to be recreated from the following two components that are backed up:

  • Zap BI application database, storing resource metadata of the application;

  • Data warehouse, storing Customer data for a single data model. Backups are taken for every data model of the Service

Note: The semantic layer that the Service generates is an aggregated database that is not backed up, and therefore must be reconstructed or reprocessed from the most recent ZAP BI application metadata database backup.


Backup strategy and Recovery Point Objective

Backup Retention Policy

Zap BI application database

Recovery Point Objective: 10-minute recovery

Full backup: Once every day, at a user-specified time of day, by default 11pm in the selected time zone.


every few hours

Transaction log: every 10 minutes

30 days

Data Warehouse

Recovery Point Objective: 2-hour recovery

Full backup: Once every week, at a user specified day of the week and time of day, by default on Saturday at 11pm in the selected time zone.

Transaction log: every 2 hours

ZAP regularly verifies its Disaster Recovery Plan, controls and tests its backup policy and retention periods.


ZAP shall keep the Cloud Platform secure. We shall take all reasonable precautions and use all reasonable endeavors to protect your data and personal information we hold about you from misuse and loss and from unauthorized access, modification or disclosure.

We shall ensure the application is designed with security at its core, and have a range of physical and technology policies in place to provide a robust secured environment.

ZAP shall ensure the on-going adequacy of these measures by regularly reviewing them.

Service Location

Unless otherwise agreed, ZAP shall process and store all Customer Data in (A) the jurisdiction in which the data subject resides (or, in the case of a data subject residing in the European Economic Area (“EEA”), in the EEA, or for a data subject residing in another jurisdiction that has Privacy Laws or data transfer requirements, in that jurisdiction), or (B) the jurisdiction reasonably requested or determined, and shall not transfer, process, or maintain Customer Data in any other jurisdiction or location without the prior consent of Customer.

You shall be notified of the Service’s location, and if applicable any Service Location change from the initial Service location. You may also request a Service Location change directly to ZAP Support. This may, however, be subject to a Service Disruption, as a Scheduled Maintenance and may incur extra charges.

Please note that some Personal data is stored in third-party services that may be located in a different region than yours, please refer to ZAP’s Privacy Policy for more information.

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