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Case study

HJS and Sage Data & Analytics

Sage Data & Analytics (SD&A) provides HJS with a sightline into the business it previously lacked.


Logistics and Transportation



Advanced capabilities and broad, deep visibility into the financial and operational aspects of the company

Data Sources:

Sage 100

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HJS Packaging & Distribution (HJS) helps some of the world’s most recognizable brands improve efficiency and increase profits through innovative solutions in private-label packaging, inventory management, global distribution, and order fulfillment services.


With distribution centers across the U.S., Canada, Europe, and Asia, HJS helps its customers stay focused on running their businesses, while it handles the logistics. Staying out in front requires real-time actionable data, and HJS relies on Sage 100 and Sage Data & Analytics to deliver that data.


When Dean started with HJS four years ago, the company had not yet expanded beyond the U.S. borders. “The business was about to get much more complicated,” he explains. “To scale HJS effectively, we needed advanced capabilities and broad, deep visibility into the financial and operational aspects of the company.”

Dean says the company briefly entertained the idea of switching to another ERP application, but their business partner convinced them otherwise. “Essentially, they told us we had a Ferrari under the hood, and after the reimplementation, we’d be off to the races. They re-implemented Sage 100 for us based on our current, more complex business structure. In addition, we added several complementary applications, including Sage Data & Analytics, and revamped our chart of accounts to make it simpler and more scalable.”


Sage Data & Analytics gives HJS a sightline into the business it never had before. “For example, we can review profitability by warehouse, by customer, and by product line,” says Dean. “That visibility was invaluable during the pandemic. As supply chains everywhere were interrupted globally, we were able to be strategic about which orders to fill and when.”

HJS staff leverages Sage Data & Analytics dashboards to provide fast, easy access to the information needed to do their jobs. “Often, it’s more intuitive to see a graph or a chart,” notes Dean. “We’re making complicated decisions with ramifications for ourselves and our customers, so we need to be certain we’re considering our data from every angle.”

He concludes, “Previously, we felt we were largely in the dark, running the company based on our experience and hunches. Now we run the business on real-time facts, keeping our finger on the pulse of operations, and making strategic decisions more quickly.”


  • Financial reporting time cut by 50 percent.

  • Actionable data available immediately after installation.

  • Real-time insight into operations speeds decision making.

  • Orders quadrupled due to automated workflow, requiring few additional hires.

  • Reports and dashboards are easily customized by staff, saving time and money

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