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Our reseller partners are an extension of our business. We invest in their success at every stage of our relationship. From mentoring and shadowing during initial enablement period to on-demand and instructor-led educational courses and certifications. If you partner with us, your people get the skills, knowledge, and expertise required to sell, implement and support ZAP to the standards of our own experts. Whether you are adding to an existing business intelligence (BI) practice, or building a new data management and analytics offering from scratch, we give you the support to make our partnership a successful and profitable one.


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Become ZAP Certified

ZAP Certified Pre Sales

Be an expert at identifying and solving business problems with data management and analytics. Make it impossible for prospects and customers to say no to becoming high-performing data-driven businesses. Get the skills and knowledge to accelerate the sales cycle, increase average selling price and achieve high closing rates. Become a ZAP Certified Pre-Sales Consultant.

ZAP Certified Consultant

Delight your customers by delivering value across every function of their business at every stage of the relationship. Don’t just work with IT to implement software, become a trusted advisor that unlocks your customers’ data and uses it to improve their business. Build a partnership with customers that is long-lasting and profitable. Become a ZAP Certified Consultant.


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