Sales data management

With ZAP Data Hub, a sales team becomes truly data-driven. It automates the connection to — and collection of — all data, integrating it into a secure, central hub and preparing it for analysis. As a result, insight into all stages of the sales process is enhanced, empowering the staff that work across them.

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Sales data integration

Sales development teams and Lead Generators-covering both inbound and outbound-need to work with data that might be spread across multiple Excel files and CRM systems such as or Microsoft Dynamics. They may also be mining prospect data from marketing automation tools such as Marketo.

ZAP Data Hub’s automated data integration handles all of this, providing sales teams with quicker, easier and more informed insight using their preferred Business Intelligence (BI) tool, be it Tableau, Microsoft Power BI, Qlik or another self-service system.

Field Sales Managers also often face the challenge of working with data within both on-premise and cloud servers, or a combination of both. ZAP Data Hub delivers, no matter where it is situated.

ZAP Data Hub

Essential data management for Power BI,
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Sales data governance

Account Managers, Customer Service Managers — and everyone working with clients after a sale has been closed — will know that actionable business information is generated at every turn and across multiple systems, such as ERP, CRM or Marketing Automation. But this data is rarely used to its maximum potential given the manual effort required to access various silos before integrating it into a 360-degree view of the customer.

ZAP Data Hub delivers a holistic view of the customer by automatically collecting and unifying data from all customer touchpoints, and the underlying systems that support them. Regardless of whether data is in daily use or archived, ZAP’s instant, secured and governed access to accurate customer data amplifies the power, depth and reach of BI.

And this in turn drives revenues from cross-sell, up-sell and customer retention, and enhances customer service and customer satisfaction.

Sales data preparation

With ZAP Data Hub in place, a sales team becomes information-empowered and BI and CRM systems provide something far more compelling than individual views of the sales pipeline. With unified, integrated data, they become able to answer deeper questions about customers and prospects — and anticipate and answer the next question… before it’s asked.


See ZAP Data Hub in Action

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