Operations data management

With ZAP Data Hub, the operations team becomes truly data-driven. Perhaps the most functionally diverse team from organization to organization, any type of operations team can deliver on its objectives faster and more successfully when it becomes data-driven.

Connect to your Operations apps and data

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Data preparation for BI insight

No matter what the size of the business, operations works across resourcing, planning, monitoring and reporting. The team and its COO will be tasked with methodically distributing resources-both financial and practical-across the company while delivering best possible Return on Investment (ROI) and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).
The data on these resources—and the data being generated by every other department and touch point using them—needs to be available, accessible and actionable. Step forward ZAP Data Hub, which enables the automated connection to and collection of data, no matter what the source or location, integrating it into a secure, central hub and preparing it for analysis. No matter what Business Intelligence (BI) suite operations or colleagues in other departments have in place, quicker, easier and more informed business insight is achieved.

ZAP Data Hub

Essential data management for Power BI,
Tableau, Qlik, or any other BI tool

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Data integration and security

The COO and their team will often be tasked with the practical and technical aspects of business acquisitions, and the complex data and asset integrations these bring with them. From a data perspective this requires that they-as quickly and efficiently as possible-integrate data from legacy apps, archived data bases and disparate silos all of which might be spread across on-premise servers or residing in the cloud.
ZAP Data Hub’s pre-packaged, automated and easily configurable data management software gathers all data from all environments and integrates it into a secure environment for quicker, easier and more informed analysis

Data governance reduces risk

Knowledge-Skills-Attributes (KSA), KPIs and performance measurements. These time-consuming, often manual monitoring and reporting requirements often fall to the operations team. And all must be delivered within a framework of data security and legislative governance.
ZAP Data Hub helps deliver all of this. It handles legislative compliance and data security and reduces the need for specialists such as Data Engineers and key-person dependencies for particular reports or measurements. And it automates hitherto manual processes, freeing up resource and removing the risk of human error.


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