Human Resources data management

With ZAP Data Hub, an HR department becomes truly data-driven. HR data analytics can provide a near-live overview of all personnel-related data across all geographical regions. But this brings with it a significant data challenge: possibly more than any other department, HR data is generated in many different ways and into many different silos. And it all needs to be harnessed….

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Data integration for accurate analysis

Enter ZAP Data Hub, which provides the automated connection to and collection of data no matter what the type: in daily use or archived, on-premise or in the cloud. It not only gathers data from HR-specific systems such as Sage X3 People, it can also be configured — in a matter of minutes — to access and integrate people-related data from other business systems such as Excel, Microsoft Dynamics, Sage, or databases such as SQL, Oracle and OData.

ZAP Data Hub

No matter whether you are an HR Manager or an HR Director — with a global or regional remit — or, in sister companies (or midsize organizations), a generalist HR Admin, the focus is squarely on the organizational chart. The org chart tracks almost everything: regional performance, team allocations, on-boarding and off-boarding of employees, time keeping (and its cost and effect on the business at large) and succession planning.

All of which need to be understood — and presentable to the board — at a moment’s notice. It needs to be interrogated at both operational and date granularity. And, above all, such personal data needs to reside in a secure and legislatively-compliant environment.

ZAP Data Hub enables this by making sure all data from all sources is securely and efficiently integrated. It handles data security, legislative compliance and governed access. It also prepares data ready for analysis in the organization’s chosen Business Intelligence (BI) suite, be it Tableau, Qlik, Microsoft Power BI, or any other BI tool.

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HR data analytics

Two of the key tactical roles within HRM — Payroll Manager and Training Manager — also become more productive, transparent and accountable once they’re data-driven. The right HR metrics provide a Payroll Manager with a distinct insight into key financial aspects of a business, empowering them to report on salaries as a percentage of operating expense, for example.

Given that a Training Manager is tasked with the budgetary aspects — as well as the planning and delivery — of employee growth, they need to be able to report at board level on financial metrics such as ROI and deliver intelligence on, for example, average training hours per full-time employee.

All of this is only possible if the HR team is not burdened with the ‘heavy lifting’ of data research, data integration and data preparation. And this is where ZAP Data Hub steps in, providing pre-packaged, automated and easily-configurable data management.

HR data management insight

ZAP Data Hub greatly decreases the time required to find, understand and prepare data for analysis. It also reduces the need for ‘data specialists’ such as Data Engineers and key-person dependencies in reporting.

All of this is possible without the need for a data warehouse project, freeing up resource, removing technical headaches — and the risk of human error — and allowing HRM to make a significant, quantifiable, data-driven difference to the success of a business.


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