Finance data management

With ZAP Data Hub, a finance department becomes truly data-driven. It can be an ongoing struggle to prepare reports because the data required is spread across Excel spreadsheets, multiple finance and ERP systems — such as Sage and Microsoft Dynamics — or cloud applications like ZAP Data Hub allows you to automatically connect to, collect and integrate data from all sources, before easily preparing it for analysis.

Connect to your Finance apps and data

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Financial data integration

Both accountants and financial controllers will understand the challenges associated with the measurement and interpretation of financial data to achieve compliance. ZAP Data Hub makes it simple to combine data from multiple charts of accounts in to a single, accurate and compliant financial report with no risk of human error or misrepresentation of data.

ZAP Data Hub

Essential data management for Power BI,
Tableau, Qlik, or any other BI tool

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Data management for financial insight

The Chief Financial Officer reaps all these benefits and more. Their overarching responsibility to navigate both growth periods and downturns is bolstered by the confidence that they have all financial information available instantly, regardless of whether it’s on-premise or in the cloud, coming from one or many applications.

Becoming data-driven strengthens the CFO’s strategic position and value within a business, allowing them to spot trends and issues as they manifest themselves — as opposed to after they have made an impact-and allowing them to anticipate and answer the next financial question before it’s even asked.


See ZAP Data Hub in Action

Watch our product walk-through video, and see how you can automate the creation of data models and the preparation of data for analysis.