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ZAP Data Hub unifies all your business data — from any source or location — integrating it into a governed, central hub, and preparing it for expert analysis in Tableau. It significantly reduces the IT data management support and labor overheads — in terms of both cost and consultancy days — associated with achieving return on investment from Business Intelligence.

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As the International Institute of IT Economics’ white paper ‘Tableau: Total Cost of Ownership’ explains, two of the top TCO drivers in developing modern BI are IT data management support and labor. For the latter, that’s: “installation, training, data management, content development and usage… of modern BI products significantly exceed(ing) application and infrastructure investments.”

With ZAP Data Hub, the time and resource required to find, understand and prepare data for analysis in Tableau is greatly decreased. It handles data security and legislative compliance, and reduces the need for specialists, data engineers and key-person dependencies when accessing disparate or siloed information.

ZAP Data Hub

Tableau data security

ZAP Data Hub connects to and collects data from any source-cloud or on-premise-integrating it and automatically creating a data warehouse, replacing manual data preparation and the risk of human error. There is no limit to the amount of data sources that ZAP can connect to. Nor are there any restrictions on the complexity of query that can be performed or the volume of data that can be analyzed.

Data governance and security may be at risk when manually preparing your data for analysis with either Tableau Desktop, Tableau Server or Tableau Online, perhaps due to human error or a lack of process or audit trail. Additional workload and consultancy hours may also be required, to handle everything from password and access control to reconciling duplicated analytics and reconfiguring mismatched data definitions. ZAP Data Hub removes these concerns and overheads as it automates, controls, audits and logs all aspects of data governance and security.

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Pre-packaged, automated and easily-configurable, ZAP Data Hub connects to all sources of business data be it ERP, CRM, HRM or accounting. Marketing automation, collaborative and e-Commerce systems and APIs are all also covered.

As a result, all functions of a business become information-empowered: IT, finance, sales, marketing, HR and operations. As Harvard Business Review confirms, “ensuring smart data management is the responsibility of all C-suite executives, starting with the CEO.”

Tableau is on a mission, they say, to “solve one of the most challenging problems in software: making databases and spreadsheets understandable to ordinary people.” But before this can be achieved, they need to be drawing on all available data — and that data needs to be compliant and optimized for analysis. And that’s where ZAP comes in.


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