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Find out how ZAP Data Hub increases business insight for Tableau users with data management automation.

  • Remove data silos
  • Automate data governance
  • Gain a single source of business-wide data
  • For faster, deeper analysis with Tableau

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Improve insight with Tableau

ZAP Data Hub is data management software that quickly and easily automates access, unification and preparation of all business data – no matter what the type or source – into a secure governed hub for faster, enhanced reporting and analysis with all leading BI tools. Say goodbye to data silos, make BI truly self-service and gain a single version of the truth.

Founded in 2001, ZAP serves customers in 50 countries, from mid-size businesses to Fortune 500 and FTSE 100 organizations, including household names such as Aston Martin, Crew Clothing and Regal Entertainment Group. ZAP’s HQ is in London with offices in the USA (Tampa, Florida) and Australia (Brisbane and Melbourne).

“ZAP Data Hub is a brilliant app that has helped cut down month end reporting from two weeks to three days”


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