Sage X3 HR

Fast Reporting from Sage X3 HR with ZAP Data Hub

Sage Business Cloud X3 HR reporting is faster and simpler with this solution based on our ELT Data Warehouse automation software, ZAP Data Hub. Optimized for Sage X3 HR, it automates data access, integration and preparation.


Accelerate Sage X3 HR reporting

Due to their complex nature of Sage Business Cloud X3 HR data and its relatively limited reporting and analytics functionality, it can be difficult to get true business intelligence from this popular HRMS system. ZAP Data Hub’s Sage X3 HR reporting solution makes reporting fast and simple, thanks to smart data connectors, pre-built data models and analytics.

Report from all versions of Sage X3 HR

ZAP Data Hub’s Sage X3 HR (formerly Sage X3 People) reporting solution supports all version of the software.  For businesses considering migrating from one version to another, ZAP Data Hub can help maintain reporting continuity, and make reporting from decommissioned, legacy versions simple.

No more complex manual reporting processes

ZAP Data Hub is ELT data warehouse automation software that removes the need for manual reporting processes. It automates the access, integration and preparation of data from Sage X3 HR. The complex, time-consuming manual report preparation that slows down IT teams becomes a thing of the past. With ZAP Data Hub, reporting from Sage X3 HR is timely and efficient.

Remove cost and risk of reporting errors

The risk of making decisions on inaccurate information is increased when reporting processes are manual and ungoverned. Human error and key-man dependency seriously impact the accuracy and availability of critical business information. ZAP Data Hub’s 3 HR/X3 People reporting solution removes this risk and delivers consistent, accurate and trusted reporting across the business.

Cross-functional reporting for “better BI”

If your business is running has more than one instance Sage X3 HR– perhaps across multiple offices or sister companies –

ZAP Data Hub will automatically integrate and unify each instance to provide cross-functional reporting.

Report from all your back- office systems

As well as Sage Business Cloud X3 HR, ZAP Data Hub is optimized for all other Sage solutions, as well as Dynamics, Salesforce, SAP Business One and SYSPRO, with pre- built connectors for over 100 other financial systems and databases, too.

Report from cloud and on- premise data

ZAP Data Hub’s Sage X3 HR reporting solution can connect to cloud and local, on-premises installations of other HRM systems.  Additional data sources – again cloud or on-premises – can also integrated for enhanced.

Power BI reporting from Sage X3 HR

Consistent, accurate, trusted financial and operational reporting can be delivered from X3 HR/X3 People in Power BI by using ZAP Data Hub to automatically access and structure your data in a pre-built data warehouse.

Tableau reporting from Sage X3 HR

ZAP Data Hub’s smart data connectors and pre-built data model for Sage X3 HR automates data preparation for Tableau.  ZAP is a Tableau Technology partner, our mission is to make reporting in Tableau as easy as possible.

Qlik reporting from Sage X3 HR

ZAP Data Hub is the best choice if Qlik is one of a set of BI software tools in use, or if the business is migrating from one to another.  For Qlik users, ZAP Data Hub provides the fastest way to report from Sage X3 HR.

“With ZAP Data Hub, there is no more manual processing of data, and it was extremely fast and simple to implement. It’s made it easy to get one consolidated view, and that’s a real revolution for us.”

Frédéric Carricaburu, CIO at Saniflo/Group SFA

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