Sage Line 500

Fast Reporting from Sage Line 500 with ZAP Data Hub

Sage Line 500 reporting is faster and simpler with this solution based on our ELT Data Warehouse automation software, ZAP Data Hub. Optimized for Sage Line 500, it automates data access, integration and preparation.


Accelerate Sage Line 500 reporting

Sage Line 500 is ERP and business management/accounting software covering financials, commercials and manufacturing. But, due to the complex nature of data and its limited reporting functionality, it can be difficult to produce reporting from such a sophisticated system. ZAP Data Hub’s specifically-optimized reporting solution makes it fast and simple to report from Sage Line 500 thanks to smart data connectors, pre-built data model and analytics.

Report from all editions of Sage Line 500

ZAP Data Hub’s Sage Line 500 reporting solution supports all version of Sage Line 500, as well as its latest incarnation, Sage 1000. For businesses considering migrating from one version of Sage to another, ZAP Data Hub will help maintain reporting continuity. ZAP Data Hub stores data from Sage Line 500 in a structure that makes it available for historical reporting alongside data from a new ERP.

Automation for efficient Line 500 reporting

ZAP Data Hub is ELT data warehouse automation software. It removes the time-consuming and labor intensive need to prepare data for reporting manually. ZAP Data Hub automatically accesses Sage Line 500 data, integrates it with other data, if required, and prepares it in a structure that is optimized for financial and operational reporting. ZAP Data Hub automates reporting from Sage Line 500.

Remove the risk of human error in reporting

Relying on people to prepare data for business reporting significantly increases the risk of critical decisions being made on inaccurate, ungoverned data. It also heightens the possibility of key-man dependencies arising, that can impact reporting continuity. ZAP Data Hub’s Sage Line 500 reporting solution significantly reduces these risks by removing the need for human intervention in the reporting process.

Cross-functional reporting for “better BI”

If your business is running or has more than one instance Sage Line 500 – perhaps across multiple offices or sister companies – ZAP Data Hub will automatically integrate and unify each instance to provide cross-functional reporting.

Report from all your back- office systems

As well as Sage Line 500, ZAP Data Hub is also optimized for all other Sage systems, as well as Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, SAP Business One and SYSPRO, with pre- built connectors for over 100 other financial systems and databases, too.

Report from cloud and on- premise data

ZAP Data Hub’s Sage Line 500 solution can connect to cloud and on-premises installations.  Additional data sources – again, either cloud or on-premises – can also integrated for enhanced, consolidated BI reporting.

Line 500 reporting in Power BI

Deliver consistent, accurate, trusted financial and operational reporting from Line 500 in Power BI.  ZAP Data Hub access and structures Line 500 data in a data warehouse for faster, simpler reporting in Power BI.

Line 500 reporting for Tableau

ZAP is a Tableau Technology partner. ZAP Data Hub makes reporting in Tableau from Line 500 a breeze. ZAP Data Hub’s smart data connector and pre-built data model for Line 500 automates data preparation for Tableau.

Line 500 reporting with Qlik

If you use Qlik Sense, the fastest and easiest way to report from Line 500 is with ZAP Data Hub.  It is especially useful if Qlik is one of a number of BI systems in use or if you are moving from one system to another.

“ZAP’S enterprise-class analytics capabilities provide a seamless end-user experience, improving user adoption and driving a greater return on investment.”

Johnny Read, Managing Director at Village Software

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