Sage Data & Analytics

Sage Data & Analytics

SD&A– a/k/a Sage Data & Analytics – is Sage’s X3-specific edition of ZAP Data Hub and a flagship BI, data management and analytics tool for X3 users around the world.


Empower your business

Sage Data & Analytics empowers your business with the information you need to confidently make decisions that improve performance. Guide your corporate strategy, direction, and investment decisions with data, facts, and truth—without hesitation.

Data-based decision-making

Sage Data & Analytics places data-based decision-making at the heart of your business. Grow your organization by applying successful data management and analytics tools, strategies, and methodologies to all business functions.

No more complex manual reporting processes

• Confidently make quicker decisions with accurate information from a solution that removes inefficient manual analytics and data processes

• Uncover new insight and achieve a 360-degree view of the business thanks to automated integration of X3 data with other business applications such as ERP, CRM, and HRM

Remove cost and risk of reporting errors

• Achieve data compliance, while keeping IT effort and costs down with built-in, user-friendly data governance, security, and system administration tools for Sage X3 analytics

• Track performance with pre-built industry analytics, KPIs, and calculations accessed via role-based dashboards that deliver immediate insight into X3 data

Powerful data management

Get powerful, flexible data management with a solution that’s built ready for cloud deployment, on-premise, or a hybrid of the two. With Sage Data & Analytics, you have a governed, secure, and legislatively-compliant means of drawing business insight from X3, as well as other applications and data sources.

Pre-packaged analytics

Sage Data & Analytics is pre-packaged with powerful, self-service reporting tools, X3 analytics, and role-based dashboards. Improve collaboration and consistency with reusable ratios, metrics, calculations, and charts. Plus, you can use all these dynamic elements on any mobile device.

Flexible implementation

Simplifying complex data challenges, SD&A supports all versions of Sage X3. This enables you to implement the software in various ways, either stand-alone or within a wider ecosystem of integrated business applications.

What’s new in SD&A 8.1?

New X3-specific features:

Added support for X3 v12… Updated Sage X3 data source and ability to extract non-LDAP Syracuse users (from the SData/API1 service)… Dynamic security support not only based on ‘Function’ profiles but also ‘Trade’ profiles.

New analytics features:

Drill-across/drill-through enhancements (adds slicers in target resources for an improved data exploration/navigation experience between X3 analytics)… New and updated color palettes… Updated home page now includes more self-service training assets.

New data management features:

History Step adds the ability to track changes in values and store versions of records in the data warehouse, for dimensions or transaction tables… New data sources for connecting to Marketo, Google Analytics, Magento, XML, JSON, Excel Online.


“SD&A enables data to be automatically extracted and stored in its warehouse without the need to maintain the legacy system for historic reporting and compliance purposes.”

Helena Schwenk, European software research manager at IDC

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