Sage 300

The fastest, most cost-effective way to deliver financial and operational reporting from Sage 300

Delivers accurate, trusted financial and operational reporting to the business with ZAP Data Hub’s Sage 300 reporting solution. Access, integration and preparation of Sage 300 data for reporting is automated, replacing time-consuming manual, inefficient and inaccurate processes.


The fastest Sage 300 reporting solution

Sage 300 is international multi-company, multi-currency ERP software. Due the complex nature of its data and limited reporting capabilities, it can be difficult to produce financial and operational reports from Sage 300. ZAP Data Hub’s Sage 300 reporting solution is designed to automate business reporting and – with its smart data connectors, pre-built data model and analytics – it’s the fastest, most cost-effective solution available.

Report from all versions of Sage 300

ZAP Data Hub is compatible with all versions of Sage 300 from 2012 onwards. ZAP Data Hub also makes it easy to maintain reporting continuity when migrating from old versions of Sage 300 to Sage Enterprise Management or another ERP. ZAP Data Hub stores data from Sage 300 and makes it available in a structure for reporting alongside the new ERP data, ensuring historical data and the ability to perform trend analysis over time is not lost.

Replace inefficient manual reporting with automation

ZAP Data Hub is ELT data warehouse automation software that replaces inefficient manual reporting processes. Data from Sage 300 is accessed, integrated with other data, if required, and structured for reporting automatically. With ZAP Data Hub, IT are free from the time-consuming and labor-intensive processes of manually preparing reports for the business.

Reduce the risk of human error and key-man dependency from reporting

Reporting from Sage 300 with ZAP Data Hub replaces the risk of human error and key-man dependency that comes with manual report preparation. ZAP Data Hub’s Sage 300 reporting solution removes the need for human intervention in the reporting process. It has built-in data governance controls and provides a clear audit trail to ensure reporting is accurate, consistent and trusted.

Richer, cross-functional reporting

ZAP Data Hub integrates data from other ERP, CRM, finance systems and more with Sage 300 data to enable richer, cross functional reporting from a single source of data. ZAP Data Hub identifies relationships between different data sets and automatically unifies them in to single hub of data for cross-functional reporting.

Report from all ERP and finance data

ZAP Data Hub has reporting solutions for the entire Sage ERP and HRM portfolio, all Microsoft Dynamics products, Salesforce, SAP Business One and SYSPRO. It also has over 100 data connectors for other ERP, CRM, finance systems, marketing tools, databases and files, enabling businesses to report across all of their data.

Cloud and on-premise reporting

Whether a business is running Sage 300 Cloud or an on-premise version, data is accessed via ZAP Data Hub’s data gateway. And it is just as easy to access data from other cloud and on-premises sources for reporting. Regardless of the IT landscape, ZAP Data Hub delivers accurate, trusted business reporting.

Sage 300 reporting in Power BI

ZAP is a Microsoft Gold Partner. ZAP Data Hub makes it quick and easy to deliver financial and operational reporting from Sage 300 in Power BI. ZAP Data Hub automates ELT processes and the creation of a data warehouse that is optimized for reporting with Power BI.

Sage 300 reporting for Tableau

ZAP Data Hub automates ELT processes and the creation of a data warehouse optimized for reporting on with Tableau. ZAP Data Hub is the fastest way to prepare financial and operational data from Sage 300 for reporting with Tableau. ZAP is Tableau Technical Partner.

Sage 300 reporting with Qlik

Reporting from Sage 300 data in Qlik Sense is faster and easier with ZAP Data Hub. Financial and operational data from Sage 300 is structured in a data warehouse by ZAP Data Hub and is accessed by Qlik Sense to deliver reporting across the business.

“Behind the data headlines around AI and Machine Learning, it remains a major challenge for many organizations to get accurate, fast reporting and cross-functional insight from their existing, structured data.  Which is why we have selected ZAP Data Hub.”

Rick Bawcum, Founder and CEO of CIMATRI

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