ZAP Data Hub – support plans

At ZAP, we want to ensure the success of your investment in our technology. Our support services are SLA-based and customized to meet your requirements.  Our support agents are highly trained in ZAP’s software and problem analysis, and follow a proven, structured approach to problem-solving.  We always aim to operate as an extension of your own team.

SLA targets

Issue/PriorityBusiness impactTarget response time* Target resolution time*
Urgent (SaaS outage)ZAP Data Hub SaaS is completely inoperable or completely inaccessible.Two hours, 24/7Four hours, 24/7
UrgentCompletely inoperable or completely inaccessible. All users or model processing is affected.Four hoursEight hours
HighSeverely impacted performance, functionality, or data accuracy. Majority of users or models affectedEight hoursThree days
NormalImpacted performance, functionality or data accuracy. Minority of users or models affectedOne dayFive days
LowMinimally impacted performance, functionality data accuracy. Minority of users or models affected. Also, “how-to”-type questions.Two days10 days

* Business hours or days, except where noted otherwise. Time waiting on customer and/or partner responses not included.  Business hours definitions as follows.  Americas: 9am to 5pm -4UTC.  Europe, Middle East, and Africa: 10am to 6pm UTC.  Asia Pacific: 9am to 5pm +10UTC.
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Download our full support policy for more info.

ZAP support gives you access to

DownloadsProduct newsKnowledge baseThe forum
Download documents to read in your own timeKeeping you up-to-date on product updates, new features and future directionAccess learning materials to improve your ZAP knowledge and skillsDiscuss best practice and share tips with the ZAP user community