Partner Certification


ZAP Data Hub’s automated data management starts the differentiation from other ‘BI-only’ tools in the market – it makes it quicker and simpler to collect, integrate, secure, and prepare data for analysis.


Key benefits:

Learn how to deploy, create, and customize solutions and analytics through the ZAP Academy certification journey.

The images shown below are a sample of the out-of-the-box analytics.

Required Certification(s)

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*Certifications are offered at no additional charge.

NOTE: Partners can sell before certification. Any partner consultant implementing ZAP Data Hub & Analytics must complete the required ZAP Data Hub & Analytics Implementation Certification and pass the certification assessments. Customization certification is required for consultants implementing Advanced or Premium plans with model customizations.


Implementation Certification Journey:

Certified Implementation consultants have the authorization to implement the ZAP Data Hub Standard Product option.

Pre-requisite: knowledge of data modeling concepts and experience with SQL Server

  • 4 Instructor-led Courses (12 hours – online/live)
  • On-demand Training (15-minutes)
  • Final Assessment Exam – 2 attempts and MUST pass with 80% or higher

Customization Consultant Journey:

Certified Customization consultants have the authorization to customize and implement all ZAP Data Hub Product options.

Pre-requisite: Certified Implementation Consultant Certification

  • 3 Instructor-led Courses (9 hours)
  • Customization Apprenticeship Project (~40 hours)
  • Final Assessment Exam – 2 attempts and MUST pass with 80% or higher

NOTE: Completed courses are required before starting an Apprenticeship.