Sage X3 People

Sage X3 People

ZAP has partnered with Sage, the market leader in cloud business management solutions with three million global customers, in developing SDMA (Sage X3 Data Management and Analytics) which demonstrably improves an organization’s operational performance—in this case for human resources—by speeding up the collection, organization and analysis of data.

The business brief

With SDMA for Sage X3 People, human resources management (HRM) is empowered and elevated to a focal point of business decision-making. Corporate strategy, direction and investment decisions become wholly based on data, facts and truth, without hesitation and with confidence.
From diversity to data protection, salary satisfaction to Bradford Factor metrics, modern HRM is led by—and generates—large, growing and interconnected data sets. With data-based decision-making already at the heart of finance and operational teams, SDMA for Sage X3 People applies the successful tools, strategies and methodologies of data management and analytics to human resources management.
HR teams can track workforce performance using pre-built analytics, KPIs and calculations. And these are accessed via role-based dashboards that deliver immediate insight into Sage X3 People data. Going one stage further, a 360-degree view of the workforce can be built thanks to automated integration of data from Sage X3 People with other business applications such as ERP and CRM.
The net result? Confident HR decision-making based on accurate information, delivered by a solution that removes inefficient or inaccurate manual data processes. And data compliance, achieved while keeping IT effort and costs down thanks to user-friendly data governance and built-in security and system administration tools.

Role-by-role overview

The modules and metrics within SDMA for Sage X3 People are tailored to four key roles: HR Director, HR Admin, Payroll Manager and Training Manager.
The HR Director has access to all data and analytics across all geographical regions. They have oversight of all persona- and/or area-based dashboards and would typically manage both a businesses’ HR budget and its regional HR allocation. Focused on daily operations, the HR Admin role covers all on-boarding and off-boarding of employees and, for those in situ, all aspects of training and growing careers.
The modules and metrics available here transform the role of Payroll Manager from that of administrator to one with a very distinct insight into key financial aspects of a business. Training Managers become invaluable to the HR Director by being able to deliver intelligence on, for example, attendee registration, attendance ratio and average training hours per full time employee.

Five key facets

HR professionals have welcomed the dawn of cloud computing. Data is available anywhere, anytime and instantly backed up. At the same time, public and legislative concerns over data privacy continue to grow. SDMA for Sage X3 People recognizes both these issues and allows you to exploit the positive business benefits they both bring, centering around the following key features and facets.

Hybrid Cloud Scalability

Hybrid scalability

  • Cloud, on-premise or hybrid deployment of any product element
  • Private or public SaaS deployment
  • Data gateway for optimized, simple access to cloud or on-premises data sources
  • Highly flexible architecture scales as users and data requirements grow
Automated Data Integration

Automated data integration

  • Pre-set Smart data connector for Sage X3 People, Sage X3 and other applications
  • Rich data connectivity to source metadata
  • Automated data merging and table structure matching
  • Multi-lingual caption extraction and customization detection
Pre-Set Flexible Data Models

Pre-set, flexible data models

  • Pre-packaged data models for Sage X3 People, Sage X3 and other applications e.g. ERP, CRM
  • Flexible data model architecture enables configuration to meet specific reporting needs
  • User-friendly data modeling removes the need for a deep understanding of underlying data
  • Data warehouse and semantic layer automation remove complexity and improves time-to-insight
Built-In Data Governance

Built-in governance

  • Administration and data security with four layers of configuration
  • User access settings dynamically extracted from Sage X3 People and applied in SDMA
  • Auditing and monitoring for detailed activity logging with dashboard visualization
  • Version lifecycle management tools remove IT overhead and ensure business continuity
Analytics And Visualizations

Pre-packaged analytics and visualizations

  • Powerful self-service reporting, visualization and dashboarding capabilities
  • Reusable elements enable collaboration and consistency
  • Cross-functional reporting and analysis
  • Dynamic, touch-optimized visualizations with drill up, down, across and through, on any device