Sage 500 (US)


ZAP BI for Sage 500 integrates and manages data from business systems and other data sources across the organization. Enterprise-class analytics and role-based dashboards provide accurate insight to drive business success.

A configurable pre-set Sage 500 data model is quick to set-up and start using. Pre-packaged connectors simplify the process of collecting and combining data from many sources. There is no need for manually built data warehouse projects. This reduces the technical effort and the need for database experts. Deployment is faster and time-to-value is quicker.

The resulting governed data models need less maintenance, which reduces total cost of ownership. A graphical interface and powerful flexibility makes the pre-set data model easy to adapt to meet the most demanding needs and business change.

Rapid deployment and time-to-value

ZAP BI delivers an easily customized, pre-set data model and analytics for Sage 500 with packaged data connectors to other systems. ZAP BI removes the need for expensive technical experts to manually build data warehouses. This means set-up is fast and users can start to enjoy accurate business insight, quickly.

ZAP BI for Sage 500 is available in the cloud, on-premises, or via a hybrid deployment. The system is highly scalable and can meet the changing data needs of businesses as they grow. New data sources are integrated, organized and merged with existing data, easily. Whether systems are added to IT infrastructure organically, or through acquisition, ZAP delivers strong data governance and accurate insight across the business.

Collect, organize and merge data from across the business

ZAP BI for Sage 500 has pre-packaged connectors that simplify data aggregation. Data is collected, combined and organized automatically in a central hub. Businesses get one, accurate, governed data source that can be trusted to generate reliable insight. ZAP BI automates the process of adding more data sources to the hub to further enrich insight.

Powerful data modeling capabilities to meet specific needs

ZAP BI for Sage 500 has powerful data modeling capabilities. The configurable, pre-set data model can be configured to meet the most sophisticated requirements. A user-prompted graphical interface means there is no need for technical experts to write database code.

ZAP BI automates the migration of data from any source. Data warehouses and Extract, Load, Transform (ELT) processes are created and configured by the system, automatically. Multi-dimensional database creation is also automatic, enabling data aggregation, cross-functional analysis, hierarchies and additional metadata.

Strong data governance, built in

ZAP BI has four security levels and sophisticated permission controls. Strong governance of data security, quality and usage is managed from administration tools built into the system.

Dashboards provide system usage and auditing information to ensure the system is running optimally. Usage information also enables planning for hardware and systems requirements. Lifecycle management tools ensure data consistency and automate the process of upgrading.

Best-in-class, role-based dashboards and analytics

ZAP BI for Sage 500 comes with highly configurable pre-set, role-based, dashboards and analytics. Best practice KPIs and calculations deliver measurable insight to users, out-of-the-box, from across all business functions.

ZAP BI’s analytics interface provides a dynamic user experience. Users can drill into all elements, explore underlying data and uncover further insights.

Highly flexible dashboards and analytics are configured to meet users’ individual needs. Drag and drop functionality makes it simple for users to adapt and build their own views. All graphs, tables, charts, reports, pivots, calculations and other assets can be stored and re-used across the business.