The ‘Five Ws’ of GDPR

In “The ‘Five Ws’—What, Why, Who, Where and When—of GDPR” white paper, ZAP sets out:

  • What is GDPR? And what are the ramifications for your business and your customers?
  • Why is GDPR fundamental to both your business and your data management strategy?
  • Who needs to be aware of GDPR, and who should be working on compliance?
  • Where is it relevant – both geographically, and within a business?
  • When does everything come into practice, and when do you need to be ready?

Download the white paper now:

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Explains Damien Zwillinger, ZAP Global Product Manager:

“In talking with our customers and partners, it’s clear that—even with the compliance deadline now looming—many businesses could really benefit from a clear and concise summary of not only why this legislation exists, but what the practical ramifications are, both from a data management and a business-wide perspective.”

Our global clients

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