Proactive Reporting: Take your Data Analysis to the Next Level

Are you ready to take your data analysis to the next level? Discover how to analyze your data in a proactive way, automate business alerts and identify trends and patterns before they occur.

Our presenters will provide insights on:

Building a Proactive Culture Identifying and monitoring the KPIs 
Establishing notification rules and business alerts 
Compiling comprehensive report packs 
Subscribe to recipients and automate delivery

Learn the latest insights on data analysis and take your business operations into the future. 


Unlock the Power of ZAP: Mastering Time Functions

Are you looking to strengthen your knowledge on ZAP? In this ZAP Community Webinar we will show you how to use time functions such as Period To Dates Calculations, Year to Data, Month to Date Time Context Functions, and manage fiscal calendars.

This webinar will be a great opportunity to learn how to use these powerful tools to increase your knowledge.


Advanced Financial Statements – Financial Consolidation

Are you looking for innovative ways to get insights from financial data? Watch this webinar to learn how the Zap Data Hub can help you to unlock the potential of your financial data.

In this session, we will cover topics such as:

Financial Consolidation
Intercompany Elimination
Different Chart of Accounts Structures
Currency Conversion
Financial KPIs and Ratios, and more.


Solving SAP B1 Challenges: 5 that ZAP Data Hub answers

We’ve identified the 5 most common challenges every SAP Business One user faces.


ZAP Data Hub for SYSPRO Product Overview

ZAP Data Hub for SYSPRO is a powerful data management and analytics SaaS that delivers actionable business intelligence to drive increased revenues, cost savings, and competitive advantage.


The Art of Quickly Building 30-day Aging Reports

Learn the Art of Quickly Building 30-day Aging Reports…


How to unify multiple-sourced data using ZAP Data Hub

Learn how to unify multiple-sourced data using…


Learn how to deploy ZAP metrics to optimize your sales order delivery performance

Learn how to deploy ZAP metrics to optimize your sales…


Learn how to use ZAP to access enhanced insights from your Accounts Receivable

Learn how to use ZAP to access enhanced insights from your Accounts Receivable


Master your stock control with ZAP’s simple-to-use stock ageing feature

Learn how to build stock ageing reports effortlessly, enabling you to manage your inventory more efficiently than ever before.