Data management for Business Intelligence

ZAP Data Hub connects, collects and unifies business data, integrating it into a secure, governed hub and preparing it for expert analysis with all leading BI tools. Working with an array of apps and data sources, ZAP Data Hub is optimized for Microsoft Dynamics, Sage, and Salesforce. It tackles the challenges of data silos and manual preparation, delivering value to all business functions and allowing analysis by business process or team objective, as opposed to by IT system or file type.

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Instant business reporting

Automate the access, unification and preparation of business data from all sources: ERP, CRM, financial systems, marketing, SQL, Oracle, and Excel.
Pre-built analytics for senior managers provide instant access to key business metrics.
Enhanced analysis based on a feature-rich, governed and secure data warehouse with zero coding required.
Manage all types of data: on-premise, in the cloud, online, or legacy systems.

No data headaches

Achieve deeper, faster analysis and deliver true cross-functional business intelligence.
Spend more time analyzing data and less time wrangling it. Data preparation tasks become focused on value-add activity and enrichment.
Remove the risk of human error and minimize key-man dependencies.
Save the time and expense of manual data management – and the limitations of accessing underlying databases directly with Tableau or Power BI.

Pre-packaged features of ZAP Data Hub:

ZAP Product – Data Hub – Mobile View
Hybrid Data Collection Intuitive Data Modeling Automated Semantic Layer Automated Warehouse Automated Data Integration Your BI tool Built-in Data governance

Hybrid Data Collection

Easily-configurable data collection from apps and data sources of any type

Intuitive Data Modeling

Intuitive, metadata-driven process using familiar business terminology and drag-and drop elements

Automated Semantic Layer

Automation turns data management from a technical into a logical, business process

Automated Warehouse

Built quickly and easily via an automated, step-by-step series of user prompts

Automated Data Integration

Turns week-long tasks into app-based taps and clicks

Your BI tool

Automated data management for Power BI, Tableau, Qlik or any self-service BI tool

Built-in Data governance

Automate, control, audit and log all aspects of data governance and security

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Connect to all your data sources

If your data sources include Microsoft Dynamics, Sage or Salesforce, ZAP Data Hub is far and away the best choice, thanks to ready-made data connectors, data models and 500+ pre-built analytics and calculations.
ZAP Data Hub connects easily to many other ERP and CRM systems, financial systems, Excel, and SQL and Oracle databases, automating data accesses, unification and preparation.  Take a look at the full list of data sources ZAP Data Hub works with.

“Brilliant… Helped cut down month end reporting from two weeks to three days.”

Aston Martin

Key features of ZAP Data Hub

Quick and easy data collection:

  • Cloud, on-premise and hybrid data collection
  • Data collection becomes an intuitively-managed process

Automated data integration:

  • Faster and more accurate than manual data integration
  • Quickly and efficient regardless of data type, size or attributes

Automated semantic layer:

  • Replace technical data chores with logical, automated steps and caption-based metadata
  • Cross-ledger querying, hierarchies, aggregations and materialized calculations

Intuitive data modeling:

  • Wide selection of pre-set, optimized, verified data models
  • Familiar business terminology and graphical interface

Automated data warehouse:

  • Build data warehouses automatically
  • Built-in data type detection and profiling

Built-in data governance:

  • Enterprise-class controls set security permissions and access
  • Maintains corporate best practice, customer trust, legislative compliance

“ZAP’s solution aims to automate elements of the time-consuming and more complex aspects of manually building a data warehousing platform.”

Instant business reporting in Tableau and Power BI

True business insight comes from analyzing data from multiple systems. Business leaders can achieve this instantly in Tableau and Power BI thanks to ZAP Data Hub.
ZAP Data Hub automatically accesses, unifies and prepares business data from all relevant sources then brings the information you need to life in vivid detail.
Ready-made Tableau and Power BI dashboards provide an instant 360° view with analytics and calculations from multiple integrated data sources on one screen.
All this, out-of-the-box. No need for coding, technical training or key-man dependencies. And with data governance built in.

Tableau and Power BI reporting for sales, marketing, HR and more

With ZAP Data Hub, sales leaders use our Tableau and Power BI analytics to track metrics such as activity per opportunity, revenue/quota ratio and lead to closure rate/cost, taking data from CRM, ERP, and Excel.
Marketing teams can access data from CRM, ERP, marketing automation and Google, to gain insight on metrics including customer acquisition source/rate/cost, campaign ROI, and MQL/SQL conversion rates.
For HR leaders, ZAP Data Hub delivers reporting in Tableau and Power BI by taking data from HR and financial software and qualitative- and document-based HR applications to deliver analysis on metrics such as attrition, absenteeism, engagement, and training.
ZAP has over 500 pre-packaged analytics and calculations for all business leaders.

Unique SaaS offering, multiple deployment options

ZAP Data Hub’s Software as a Service (SaaS) offering is unique in the marketplace. It includes automated maintenance, back-up, disaster recovery, guaranteed 99.5% service uptime and compliance with security, privacy and governance standards. Your cloud-based data can be integrated and managed just as easily as your on-premise data.

Any or all elements of ZAP Data Hub — e.g. application, data warehouse and/or semantic layer — can be deployed in any combination of on-premise or private cloud (Azure or AWS). ZAP Data Hub is built on Microsoft Azure and SQL Server and includes AD, Azure AD, and ADFS enterprise authentication.


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