Data management Software as a Service

ZAP Data Hub is available as a fully-featured on-demand SaaS product which removes the technical, resource and time costs associated with connecting to, collecting, securing and preparing your data for Business Intelligence (BI) analysis. In short, it helps you become a data-driven business faster.

Hybrid data connection

A SaaS deployment of ZAP Data Hub has the same hybrid connectivity capabilities as a traditional deployment. The ZAP Data Gateway provides simple, optimized access to onpremise data sources from the cloud. A businesses’ cloudbased data, such as, can be integrated with and managed just as easily as its local on-premise data, such as ERP.

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SaaS data management minimizes costs

A SaaS deployment of ZAP Data Hub removes the need to purchase, support and maintain the IT hardware, infrastructure and software associated with traditional on-premises deployments. With these aspects handled by ZAP Data Hub—via a fullyprovisioned, self-maintaining cloud environment where you control and own your data-the first aspect of data management a business will see is the ZAP Data Hub web—interface itself.

ZAP Data Hub SaaS removes the capital expenditure and ongoing technology and IT costs associated with data warehousing and preparing data for Business Intelligence (BI) analysis. Investment in hardware, servers, licenses, network infrastructure and staff for deployment, maintenance and upgrades are replaced by one monthly operational cost. ZAP Data Hub SaaS removes the technical overhead and risk of building and maintaining the IT infrastructure associated with your data.

It also reduces indirect costs and risks, such as those required in the event of a disaster, managing upgrades, key-man dependencies, and building and maintaining a secure, legislatively-compliant and governed on-site data processing environment. With a traditional, on-premise deployment, all these aspects demand time, budget, knowledge and a degree of business risk. With a SaaS deployment of ZAP Data Hub, the responsibility for all these aspects are handled by ZAP Data Hub itself, speeding up the transformation of organizations into data-driven businesses.

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Robust and resilient SaaS data management

99.5% uptime

ZAP Data Hub guarantees 99.5% service uptime and complies with security, privacy and other governance standards by using the Azure platform.

Automated maintenance

We automate system maintenance, upgrading you to latest releases as soon as one is available. And all of this, always, with no technical or resource demands placed on the end user.

Back-up and disaster recovery

ZAP Data Hub incorporates a sophisticated and automated data backup procedure as part of a SaaS deployment, removing another headache and stress from a business’ shoulders. It also includes an enterprise-grade disaster recovery plan.

Fully compliant data security by design and by default

With ZAP Data Hub SaaS, a business’ entire data management system is located off-site, shielded from potential hacking and security threats. An important factor, not least because—as both Harvard Business Review and Forrester Research confirm—the bulk of security threats come from inside as opposed to outside an organization.

ZAP Data Hub takes the security and the privacy of your personal and hosted data very seriously. With a stringent range of physical, operational and application standards and policies in place, your data is hosted in SOC 2- and ISO 27001:2013- compliant data centers. Being built on the Azure platform and its global network of Microsoft-managed data centers means your data is stored in the same region as your operations. Personal data is also protected: ZAP Data Hub is GDPR-compliant and only uses compliant third parties.

ZAP Data Hub’s cloud environment is fully secured, encrypted-at-rest and closely monitored. We employ enterprise authentication to ensure the system cannot be compromised or accessed by unauthorized users. Access and usage statistics are retrieved and available. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning are also used to pro-actively detect threats (such as DDoS attacks or malware), alert us and take action.

White paper download — GDPR

This ZAP white paper on The Five W’s — “who, what, when where and why?” — of GDPR will set you and your business on the road to understanding and working with the EU’s far-reaching data protection legislation.

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