Powerful Visual Modeling

  • Design logical data models visually via an intuitive graphical interface
  • Advanced modeling and transformations is supported for complex requirements
  • Transformation in the data warehouse do not impact source system performance

The benefits

  • Low technical knowledge threshold empowers users across and removes the need for experts
  • Balance rapid deployment via pre-built data models, with the flexibility to customize for specific needs to achieve greatest time-to-value and return on investment
  • Automated transformation and optimization of source data for reporting removes manual work and ensures accuracy


  • A user-prompted interface automates steps to creating an enterprise data hub
  • Built-in data detection and profiling functionality makes structural recommendations
  • Automated data migration, incremental refreshes, data types, keys and warehouse generation

The benefits

  • Strong data governance ensures reporting data base is accurate and secure
  • Remove the cost and risk of data warehouses manually built by expensive resources
  • Simple, logical processes make it easy to achieve reporting goals


  • As well as ETL and warehouse generation, ZAP BI also automates the creation of multi-dimensional data bases that provide a semantic layer on top of relational data hubs
  • Automated multi-dimensional data bases deliver data aggregation, cross-functional analysis, hierarchies and additional metadata
  • Data pre-aggregation by multi-dimensional data bases to enable high performance and self-service analytics

The benefits

  • High performance means system is quick and efficient for users
  • Automated multi-dimensional data base creation removes the need for experts