Data Connectivity

 Business Solutions

  • Out-of-the-box connectors to multiple business applications such as ERPs and CRMs
  • Supports for a multitude of file formats, Cloud Services, relational database connectors, as well as generic OData, OLEDB or
  • Ability to integrate, relate, and model data across multiple sources


  • Easily connect to a variety of applications to gain insight across the business and beyond
  • Integrate and relate disparate data sources to provide one version of the truth


 Business Solutions

  • Fast, safe and user-friendly modeling of data from complex systems
  • ZAP BI’s Smart Data Sources enrich data with source metadata, as well as application-specific logic of structures


Easier to make sense of complex ERP, CRM and other system data

  • Remove need for expensive in-house ‘data experts’
  • Switch effort from manually organizing data to driving value from resulting analytics

Automatic Data Source Merging

Business Solutions

  • Additional data source tables and data are incorporated in main data source automatically
  • Automated per-table and per-column mapping and union


  • No time-consuming manual data mapping
  • Quickly and easily combine the data from disparate systems of the same type in different geographical regions
  • Effectively combining systems that store company or business units’ data in different repositories


Business Solutions

  • ZAP Data Gateway is downloaded and installed on a network to enable access its data sources from anywhere
  • Optimize the streaming of compressed data through the web, without requiring firewall rules

The benefits

  • Quicker, easier and safer access to data
  • Remove the need to rely on unstable VPN connections for data migrations