Business Solutions

Enterprise-class security management with four layers of configuration:

  • Application layer, using authentication
  • Functionality layer via user roles
  • Resource layer, for protecting key reports
  • Data model layer at any granularity, with updated total value based on accessible information


  • Easy to control access to all elements of the system ensures high-security levels
  • Rich permissions functionality across multiple user types enables specific access requirements to be met accurately
  • Reports are secured and only accessed by the relevant stakeholders
  • Set data protection to ensure compliance


Business Solutions

  • Detailed activity logging in the database
  • Pre-built data model, analytics and dashboard for user activity, resource usage and performance monitoring

The benefits

  • Monitor usage and performance to forecast demand and plan technology infrastructure requirements
  • Improve system performance by monitoring report usage and removing those not being used
  • Optimize data models by monitoring data growth and performance

Data Governance Model – Auditing And Monitoring


Business Solutions

  • All reports, calculations, and dashboards (resources) are objects that can be re-used across the system
  • Bulk validation of resources and remap of data or resource references
  • Visual and expandable UI to document and compare resources and tools, supporting version control by enabling the comparison of the solution with previous


  • Calculations and metrics can be saved and re-used across analytics for a centralized, governed asset structure
  • Ensure analytics and data correctness is maintained over the lifecycle as new or updated data is added or the underlying data model structure changes
  • Reduce risk of issues during upgrades by comparing and validating differences in resource versions before deploying new Test or Production environments



  • Localized in seven languages
  • An open translation architecture accessed via visual interface to translate all elements of the system
  • Auto-translate capabilities using cloud services
  • Export and import capabilities per language for sharing with external translators


  • One comprehensive data management and analytics solution deployed across global businesses
  • Drive user adoption and efficiency in businesses where there are multiple first-languages