Private Cloud, On-premise, Hybrid

ZAP Data Hub has the architectural flexibility to fit with any business IT landscape, be it cloud, on-premise or a combination of the two. Wherever and however your business is based — from a remote workforce to offices spread across multiple sites, divisions and territories — ZAP Data Hub can be deployed to match your exact technical, commercial and legislative requirements.

Private cloud data management

A business can install and operate ZAP Data Hub within its own private cloud environment without losing any functionality, speed or efficiency. Public cloud is a good choice for businesses that, due to individual circumstances, decide not to choose ZAP Data Hub SaaS, but do want to outsource the risk and expense of data storage, security, processing power, guaranteed availability, and disaster recovery.

Based on an Azure or AWS server, a cloud-based deployment of ZAP Data Hub minimizes the need for the on-site technical resource and expertise required to maintain in-house IT infrastructure and respond to help requests, system availability and network connectivity issues. It also minimizes the risk of internal or inadvertent in-house security breaches. An important factor, not least because — as both Harvard Business Review and Forrester Research confirm — the bulk of security threats come from inside as opposed to outside an organization.

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Hybrid cloud and on-premise data management

ZAP Data Hub’s complete architectural flexibility allows it to fit in seamlessly to hybrid IT environments, no matter how complex.
Geography, legislation, budgets, existing infrastructure, future IT roadmap… All these factors have a bearing on how and where new software fits into a business. A business — or a particular team within it — may run a strictly on-premise environment for certain security reasons. It may be that a business with plans to transition to a cloud infrastructure is delaying the move due to lifecycles of other, currently on-premise systems, such as ERP or CRM.
Any element of ZAP Data Hub — be it web application, data warehouse and/or semantic layer — can be deployed in any combination of on-premise or cloud. Some may need to reside on-premise, while others in a private cloud. All hybrid combinations are possible, delivering not only seamless integration into a business but also the scalability and flexibility to adapt to its evolving requirements.

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Traditional on-premise data management

For a business that has certain offices, locations — or perhaps its entire workforce — using an on-premise infrastructure, ZAP Data Hub can be quickly and efficiently deployed and maintained. It can then connect to data sources no matter where they are — either within the same environment, elsewhere in other locations or in the cloud — automatically accessing, integrating, preparing and optimizing data for analysis within your chosen BI suite, no matter how and where that itself is hosted.
Wherever the workforce, and whatever the IT infrastructure set-up, either today or in the future, ZAP Data Hub’s flexible architecture — and approach — fits seamlessly.


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