Business Solutions

  • Reuse existing pivot tables or create new charts from scratch
  • Combine multiple series into single charts, use different chart types and secondary axes
  • Flexible formatting of all chart elements
  • Advanced features such as Small Multiples and Shape maps enable visualization design

The benefits

  • Access best-practice charts and dashboards that deliver the best viewing and data contextualization experience
  • Adapt flexible dashboards and charts to meet specific reporting requirements
  • Drill up and down through dynamic user interfaces to explore the meaning behind data


Business Solutions

  • Responsive user interface adapts to every screen resolution and device experience
  • The same features available on PCs are available across all other devices
  • Mouse and touch consumption detected and fully supported across the application
  • Analytics adapt to devices’ sizes, meaning only one version of analytics is required

The benefits

  • Build analytics once and consume them on all devices for consumption on the go
  • NO need to build mobile-specific analytics, saving time and driving efficiency
  • Experience the same rich functional across all devices, extending the value of the application and driving return on investment