• Powerful, multi-dimensional pivot table reports and charts
  • Rich library of system functions for inline analytics calculations
  • Dynamic relative time functions that are pre-set for drag and drop into reports
  • Group values and dimensions; add totals and subtotals
  • Format values and use conditional formatting to highlight based on formulas

The benefits

  • User-friendly experience empowers employees, enables self-service and drives user adoption and return on investment
  • Graphical interface enables new analytics to be created in hours, not days
  • Easy to organize, maintain and govern published analytics and reports
  • Endless analytics and data discovery possibilities empowers creativity, problem-solving and continuous improvement


  • Create and save logical calculations, and access other users’ calculations, reports, and charts
  • Updating calculations propagates updates to other content that uses them
  • Save and re-use all elements in the system including reports and charts

The benefits

  • Improve user efficiency and consistency with re-usable assets and a centrally governed asset structure
  • Achieve uniformity and consistent reporting across the organization with library of defined KPIs and definitions

Cross-functional Analysis Design

  • Native cross-ledger analysis to query data across all functional modules of the model
  • No need for pre-design, combining of Ledgers and sub-ledgers in the data model

The benefits

  • Empower mainstream users to create powerful analytics and derive added value
  • Rich insight of the business across the functional modules of business applications e.g. Sales, Procurement, Manufacturing, and Inventory
  • No need for technical experts to pre-build queries or entities that combine multiple table data
  • Easily produce accurate reconciliation reports across ledgers and sub-ledgers

Rich Visualizations

  • Reuse existing pivot tables or create new charts from scratch
  • Combine multiple series into single charts, use different chart types and secondary axes
  • Flexible formatting of all chart elements
  • Advanced features such as Small Multiples and Shape maps enable visualization design

The benefits

  • Access best-practice charts and dashboards that deliver the best viewing and data contextualization experience
  • Adapt flexible dashboards and charts to meet specific reporting requirements
  • Drill up and down through dynamic user interfaces to explore the meaning behind data


  • Built-in data discovery options allow drilling up and down from any hierarchy member
  • Drill to other analytics while passing source context, drilling into values to see underlying transactions
  • Exploration features are available in any system resource, chart segment, or series
  • Design call-to-action workflows by redirecting to business applications’ screens

The benefits

  • Interact with dynamic user interfaces to explore the meaning behind data
  • Provide complete visibility and transparency of the underlying data
  • Navigate across other analytics to uncover meaning and relationships between data


  • Share analytics’ URLs with colleagues
  • Print or distribute analytics in Excel, PDF or CSV format by email, or publish files in the system for versioning purposes
  • Schedule automated distribution of information from the solution
  • Proprietary page break design tool optimizes every report and chart option; configure formats, size, page-breaks and scaling

The benefits

  • Flexibility to meet the most demanding formatting and print requirements
  • Present easily digestible information for any consumer audience
  • Communicate valuable information across all media to engage and educate audiences and drive return on investment
  • Deliver accurate information to relevant audiences across the business in a timely, consistent manner to build trust and engagement


  • Responsive user interface adapts to every screen resolution and device experience
  • The same features available on PCs are available across all other devices
  • Mouse and touch consumption detected and fully supported across the application
  • Analytics adapt to devices’ sizes, meaning only one version of analytics is required

The benefits

  • Build analytics once and consume them on all devices for consumption on the go
  • NO need to build mobile-specific analytics, saving time and driving efficiency
  • Experience the same rich functional across all devices, extending the value of the application and driving return on investment


  • Responsive web application with a consuming interface that can resize and adapt into any container, iframes, and webpages
  • Pass hosting application’s user or form context to ZAP embedded analytics for filtering
  • Enable dynamic data security aligned with user permissions defined in the business application in which the analytics are embedded

The benefits

  • Drive user adoption by making analytics available for consumption in the business application
  • Provide a seamless experience and drive efficiency as users work from one system
  • Ensure security by restricting user access to information in the business application