Pre-built analytics for integrated business data

ZAP Data Hub has pre-built analytics dashboards for business functions. By automatically integrating ERP, CRM, HRM and other business data, ZAP Data Hub enables 360-degree visualizations by business area in BI Tools such as Tableau and Power BI.

Sales Analytics

Discover our pre-built sales analytics dashboards, integrating ERP and CRM data for an instant 360-degree view of sales performance.

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Marketing Analytics

Analyzing integrated Marketing Automation and CRM data with pre-built analytics gives immediate 360-degree insight into marketing performance.

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Production Analytics

Discover our pre-built Production and Workforce analytics, built on integrated ERP and HRM data to give operations teams 360-degree insight into performance.

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“Brilliant… Helped cut down month end reporting from two weeks to three days.”

Aston Martin

Unique SaaS offering, multiple deployment options

ZAP Data Hub’s Software as a Service (SaaS) offering is unique in the marketplace. It includes automated maintenance, back-up, disaster recovery, guaranteed 99.5% service uptime and compliance with security, privacy and governance standards. Your cloud-based data can be integrated and managed just as easily as your on-premise data.

Any or all elements of ZAP Data Hub — e.g. application, data warehouse and/or semantic layer — can be deployed in any combination of on-premise or private cloud (Azure or AWS). ZAP Data Hub is built on Microsoft Azure and SQL Server and includes AD, Azure AD, and ADFS enterprise authentication.


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