SQL Saturday #820 (Jacksonville)

If you’re attending PASS‘s SQL Saturday #820 in Jacksonville on 07 May, you can hear from ZAP in two separate sessions.

Chief evangelist Trey Johnson will deliver “An Analysis Services Primer” at 12:45 and then cover “Your BI Workloads and How They Change in the Azure Cloud” at 15:30.

More info:

Your BI Workloads and How They Change in the Azure Cloud

So, your organization has made a conscious choice that everything should move to the cloud.  You own the current BI workloads for your business and you are not sure what that means?  If so, this session is for you where we explore in depth the workloads around ETL/ELT, ZAP’s Data Management, and Analysis Services to support BI for your users. We’ll also talk data security, governance & managing your data outside of your 4 walls. With plenty of ground to cover and an expected level of participation from the audience, this will be a fast-paced session with insights into how you can retain aspects of what you have while pursuing the greater opportunities delivering BI on the Cloud affords you. Attendees will understand what workloads are similar as they move to the cloud Attendees will develop an appreciation for the benefits the cloud can offer to their BI deployment Attendees should have the confidence to map out their own plans for making the most of the workloads they’ll change when they move.