digitalNow 2019 (Orlando)

ZAP sales partner CIMATRI will be appearing at digitalNow, the ‘can’t miss’ thought leadership conference for associations and their executive leadership.

Visit the event to find out how – and why – CIMATRI uses and recommends ZAP Data Hub to bring faster reporting to nonprofits and associations.

You can read more about our partnership on the ZAP news pages, and read a Q&A between ZAP’s CEO Garth Laird and CIMATRI’s CEO Rick Bawcum over on the ZAP blog.

“digitalNow remains one of my ‘must-attend’ events every year,” Rick says. “As a strategist, technologist and ‘disruption-eer’, this conference consistently adds to my body of knowledge and creates a safe place to collaborate with practitioners from across the association spectrum.”


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