Deploy ZAP Data Hub on your terms

ZAP Data Hub is available both in the cloud or on-premises. Our cloud option comes with no compromise on the feature-set in fact it even supports more functionality and you get updates more often. Cloud is the fastest and most optimized way to transform your organization into a data-driven business, and it can scale with your requirements!



Already have an IT team, with existing systems, servers, and processes? If so, you will benefit from an on-premises deployment of ZAP Data Hub, providing complete flexibility and full control. ZAP Data Hub On-premises can also be purchased with a perpetual license

‘Super-charged’ and easier to purchase, deploy and maintain, a SaaS deployment of ZAP Data Hub allows you to completely free your IT department from application and infrastructure maintenance tasks.

ZAP Data Hub full functionality
On-prem datasource connectivity
Using ZAP data gateways
Perpetual license
Subscription plans
Enterprise SSO
Reporting tool compatibility
Software hosted by ZAP
Automatic updates
Your data hosted, maintained & operated by ZAP
Data backups & disaster recovery
Data protection by ZAP

ZAP SaaS at a glance

A SaaS deployment of ZAP Data Hub removes the need to purchase, support and maintain the IT hardware, infrastructure and software associated with traditional on-premises deployments. With these aspects handled by ZAP Data Hub—via a fully provisioned, self-maintaining cloud environment where you control and own your data-the first aspect of data management a business will see is the ZAP Data Hub web—interface itself.

ZAP Data Hub SaaS removes the capital expenditure and ongoing technology and IT costs associated with data warehousing and preparing data for Business Intelligence (BI) analysis. Investment in hardware, servers, licenses, network infrastructure and staff for deployment, maintenance and upgrades are replaced by a product subscription with included management and operations. ZAP Data Hub SaaS removes the technical overhead and risk of building and maintaining the IT infrastructure associated with your data.

It also reduces indirect costs and risks, such as those required in the event of a disaster, managing upgrades, key-man dependencies, and building and maintaining a secure, legislatively-compliant and governed on-site data processing environment. With a traditional, on-premise deployment, all these aspects demand time, budget, knowledge and a degree of business risk. With a SaaS deployment of ZAP Data Hub, the responsibility for all these aspects are handled by ZAP Data Hub itself, speeding up the transformation of organizations into data-driven businesses.

Flexible subscription plans

We understand that in a connected world, there is a plethora of data sources you may want to connect to, and not only large businesses require entreprise modeling; so ZAP has an affordable subscription plan that can meet every business’ need. And if you are unsure, you can always upgrade down the track .

ZAP-hosted & Optimized

Unless you picked our Hybrid option, every other SaaS plans include Hardware and Software. ZAP hosts the application and your data on the Microsoft Azure platform; so, you don’t have to worry about sizing/planning infrastructure or keeping your hardware up-to-date; we’ll make sure you’re on the latest hardware.

Always up-to-date

We automate system maintence, upgrading you to latest release as soon as one is available. And all of this, always, with no technical or resource demands placed on the end user

Security by design, by default

We maintain high standards of data security, by relying upon state-of-the-art secure technology, data centers; enforcing strict internal product controls, and by regularly auditing our policies and procedures.
More information on ZAP’s Security policies

Enterprise Service Levels

ZAP Data Hub guarantees 99.5% service uptime and complies with security, privacy and other governance standards by using the Azure platform.
More on ZAP’s Cloud SLA

Back-up and disaster recovery

ZAP Data Hub incorporates a sophisticated and automated data backup procedure as part of SaaS deployment, removing another headache and stress from a business’ shoulders. It also includes an enterprise-grade disaster recovery plan.
More information on ZAP’s Disaster recovery plans


We take the privacy of users’ personal data seriously, and we are committed to protecting it. ZAP adheres the various Privacy frameworks and regulations so we can be sure that personal data is collected, hold in a fair, safe and lawful manner.
More information on ZAP’s Privacy standards

Faster Support

Support is included and proactive. We monitor activity and performance; It is also a much simpler and faster way to let authorized third parties or Support personnel access your instance to assist you; simply invite them!
More information on ZAP’s Support policy.