Data Governance For Power BI – Free White Paper

Discover how an automated data governance program can do more than secure your data – it can improve data quality in Power BI and help deliver better business insight.

  • Better data quality
  • Better access to data
  • Improved trust in data across the business
  • More time for analysis

With a “Five-step plan” for an insight-led data governance program, you will discover how other businesses are automating this area to deliver greater insight capability.

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What You Will Learn

Data Governance has – in the past – been viewed as a barrier to insight. While many companies carry out a level of manual governance, many still have no governance program in place at all.

This White Paper looks at how Self Service BI Tools like Power BI ‘broke’ the traditional data governance model, but equally how these tools are forcing companies to look at governance in a whole new light.

ZAP Data Hub enables automated data governance for Power BI, ensuring that metadata is created automatically and that the right people have access to the right data, enabling quicker, faster insight.

“ZAP Data Hub is a brilliant app that has helped cut down month end reporting from two weeks to three days.”


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