Multiple dashboards should not mean multiplying workloads…

Or, practicing what we preach!

Analytics is top-of-mind in many mid-market businesses today. So much so in fact, that nearly every software solution now offers what I would call an “analytics point solution”: an effective way to quickly look at dashboards that contain data within a single system.

Multiple DashboardsThe resulting challenge—which I see as a professional within the data management and analytics space—is the difficulty in taking these individual systems and merging them into a holistic view of the truth.

I see this challenge first-hand. As an executive within our business, I commonly work with multiple systems: I track sales, financial, budget and HR data continuously and concurrently, to help drive behavior and deliver growth within our target markets.

Most of these systems offer reporting and provide quick dashboards. However, my needs expand beyond the data contained within a single system. When reviewing QTD revenue and “weighted pipeline by region and salesperson,” for example, I need a holistic view of two systems.

Without a data management solution, I would have to access our financial system and our CRM system to merge this data within a self-service tool to determine our quarterly forecast. That’s wildly inefficient!

Should I be forced to access both our HCM and financial system to determine pipeline, revenue contribution, and salary trends to make performance-based HR decisions? Should I be forced to review three systems to compile performance review information for a meeting with one of our sales leads, or to deliver a board-level view of current financials, growth, and actuals versus budget?

With an automated data management solution, on the other hand, my BI tool can access all this information on demand, and deliver meaningful insights to all stakeholders in the business as and when needed.

Full disclosure, I can do all this already because we practice what we preach: we use ZAP Data Hub internally. And we are passionate about our customers seeing success because we see first-hand the return on investment that ZAP Data Hub can provide every day.

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