7 Steps to Best Practice Business Intelligence From Analysts IDC

What are the key challenges to consider when implementing modern Business Intelligence systems?

In a Market Note commissioned by ZAP, analyst group IDC sets out to answer this question and highlights seven important points to consider when implementing such tools.

In this blog, we highlight each point and break down the challenges, effectively into a to-do list for IT managers, data analysts and data consultants involved in delivering both a data warehouse and, on top of it, a modern BI solution to end users across an organization.

“Building a warehouse is not without its complexities,” IDC’s Helena Schwenk points out, “and it often proves to be a larger technical undertaking than most realize at the outset…”

The potential:

First, a sitrep. The potential of self-service BI in what IDC would call the midmarket. “Successful implementations allow organizations to leverage an integrated and curated view of business data, providing a trusted and secure place for organizations to generate business insights used for confident decision making… IDC research shows that organizations successfully analyzing all relevant data are reaping significant business gains, including:

  • Being able to pinpoint areas in the business for cost reduction
  • Enhancing relationships through a deeper and richer understanding of the customer
  • Improving productivity through better performance management

The challenges of business intelligence:

IDC points to seven challenges on the journey to business-shaping BI. “Factors,” it describes, which “can contribute to protracted development and implementation times… at worse, they can stifle the ability to deliver business insight to the organization.”

  1. Challenges around data integration and quality
  2. Adaptability of data warehousing architectures
  3. Scale
  4. Performance
  5. Level of budget
  6. Level of in-house resources
  7. Level of in-house skills

Moving forwards, vertically and horizontally:

Download the full analyst report – IDC Market Note, ZAP: Improving Time to Insight for Midsize Firms (doc #EMEA43048517, September 2017) – and head to the chapter entitled IDC’s Point Of View for more detail on the challenges above.

And for more information on these topics here on ZAP’s website, we cover each one in detail both ‘horizontally’ – under Your Data Challenges – and ‘vertically’ by end-user experience – under Your Business Data.

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