How ZAP BI Became A Game Changer For CLEAResult

*The original version of this text appears in CRMUG’s, “Chapter Sponsor Showcase.”

Rachel Thompson is the operations manager and resident ZAP BI expert at her company, CLEAResult, which designs, markets, and implements energy efficiency programs for utilities businesses and residential customers across North America.

Before CLEAResult purchased ZAP in October 2014, the company spent a ton of time on manual data entry and didn’t have real-time insights into its 700+ energy efficiency programs. Without being able to link operational data with reporting data, CLEAResult had to map everything from the financial system manually while trying to maintain accurate data in multiple systems.

With ZAP BI, CLEAResult’s processes have change dramatically for the better. “Now that our reporting is all automated, we have real-time access to operational program data,” Rachel shares. “Instead of trying to merge data for an entire week, we can access accurate data in one click of a button.”

In addition to major time savings of about eight to 10 hours per month, CLEAResult is seeing the effectiveness of its programs increase because managers now have access to the data that shows where each program stands so they can make changes when and if need be.

CLEAResult can also leverage its CRM more effectively for day-to-day operations since ZAP BI sits right on top of it, improving reporting even further.

“ZAP BI has helped improve our User adoption all around,” Rachel says. “And now that our employees are on the same page, they trust the data we’re getting out of our technology. We run more than 700 energy efficiency programs, and we just literally couldn’t push out reporting for each of these without the help of ZAP.”

ZAP BI has also helped steer a more productive course for CLEAResult. “Our team meetings and conversations have shifted from the issues of inaccurate data and standardization of that data to more productive discussions on how we can leverage our data to really make our customers more successful,” says Rachel. “It feels good to be able to serve our program teams because we have the right information at our fingertips.”

The team at ZAP has offered CLEAResult optimal customer service and personalized training from the beginning. “ZAP BI was a brand new tool to us, and we had a lot to learn,” Rachel concludes. “ZAP’s ability to train our staff to take over admin has been impressive. Just six months after implementation, we can manage it on our own.”

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