Automate Finance Data Access, Integration, Preparation to Avoid Staff Burnout

Infographic | Download | Don't let your financial data cause staff burnoutConsolidating financial data is a recurring challenge with a set of hurdles which, if not managed efficiently, are a recipe for staff burnout.

We’ve put together a special infographic that not only identifies each of these seven hurdles but also places them in the context of the process that must take place every time financial data is consolidated ready for BI analysis.


The seven hurdles in detail are:

  1. Data – ERPs, Excel, accounts systems, files
  2. Complexity – currencies, countries, charts of accounts
  3. Mismatches – integrating, consolidating, understanding
  4. Timings – deadlines, chase-ups, late submissions
  5. Adjustments – manual, lengthy, labor-intensive
  6. Errors – detection, correction, frustration
  7. Security – governance, compliance, audit

Although the infographic focuses on the management of financial data, these hurdles will also sound familiar to IT managers and data consultants working with various other types – or combinations of types – of business data, such as sales, marketing or HRM.

With that in mind, our infographic then zooms in on the alternative to these hurdles – and to the potential for staff burnout – by way of automated data integration, intuitive data modelling and software-controlled security and governance.  All of which is provided by ZAP Data Hub.

ZAP Data Hub removes the seven major hurdles of consolidating financial data by:

  • Automating data integration from multiple sources (ERP, CRM, finance systems, etc.)
  • Automating the production of a secure, governed data warehouse and semantic layer
  • Making reporting self-service, taking the pressure off IT teams
  • Improved reporting through BI tools, such as Power BI, Tableau, Qlik

Find out more about ZAP Data Hub on our product page and click here to download the full infographic.

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