Data management on the PUG World Tour

First launched in July 2017, the Power BI User Group represents more than 34,000 BI users around the world with one common interest: to increase the business benefits delivered by their BI systems. They’re an organisation ZAP has supported since its inception, and we’re a main sponsor and speaker at their ongoing Power BI World Tour, which arrives in New York next week, before dates in San Francisco in October and Sydney in November.

Each two-day event will have technical content tailored for all levels of BI user: analysts, developers, admins, and newbies. And at each one we’ll deliver a thought leadership session—‘Data Management Will be Critical for High Performing Businesses of All Sizes’—which looks at how adding data management to Power BI’s visualizations and analytics can drive a business’s growth.

“The ‘plumbing’ aspects of data management may not be as sexy as the predictive models and colorful dashboards they produce,” notes Harvard Business Review, “but they’re vital to high performance.” Our PUG sessions will talk through the three key tenets of data management — governance, models and integration —and walk BI users of all levels through the business benefits they generate, namely:

  • Increased efficiency
  • Guaranteed security
  • Trusted info
  • Increased ROI
  • Reduced TCO

To find out more, come and join us on the PUG World Tour at one of the following dates:

The Power BI User Group—or PUG for short—draws together 140 local user groups from around the world.  And it’s these local bases that inspired the launch of the Power BI World Tour. The objective, as PUG explains, is to “allow these local user groups to develop and present unique content, mirroring the freedom-based nature of existing PUGs.  Each city’s two-day event will offer training, experience and networking opportunities.”

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