Automating Data Management for Reporting with Sage and Aberdeen Group

I’ve spent the last month on the road, meeting with ZAP customers, prospects and partners across three continents.  And what I’ve learned from businesses in the UK, Ireland (at SummitEMEA 2018 in Dublin), Spain (at Sage Enterprise Management Partner Summit in Seville), USA, Canada and South Africa is that, yes, the buzz around big data, machine learning and AI is top-of-mind, no matter where you are.  But I also heard about a greater, over-arching need at every port of call.

I’ve heard first-hand that, within the mid-market, there is a pressing need to deliver value from a business’ existing, structured data.

It’s a requirement that came up from Johannesburg to Toronto and all points in between.  The businesses I met with have realized that now they’ve started to view data as an asset, there is a gap in their ability to deliver this as “information and insight” within their organization.  At least not without a tremendous level of manual intervention.

Aberdeen Group concurs.  Two weeks ago, we ran a data management webinar together and they illustrated how many mid-market businesses are struggling to derive value from disparate data silos, not least because close to 90% of them are using more than one ERP system.

The level of complexity this brings is not conducive to ‘self-service data mash-ups’ for the delivery of key business metrics.  And while scenarios such as this may allow best-in-class systems to drive efficiency on the input level, those same systems can disrupt efficiency and governance on the output level.

ZAP Data Hub is specifically aimed at these mid-market businesses and, as I have explained in this last month’s meetings across three continents, it allows great self-service data modeling and visualization tools – such as Tableau Prep and Power BI Tabular Model – to feed off a governed data store, minimizing the reliance on manual processes that might detract from or even distort the value of a business’ existing, structured data.

Check out a two-minute video overview of ZAP Data Hub, or dive deeper with a recording of our latest webinar, ‘What is Automated Data Management?’.

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