Five Do-Nots of Data Preparation for Tableau

Register for the webinar to learn how ZAP Data Hub helps you avoid the Five Do-Nots of Data Preparation:

  • Leaving all data cleansing to individual analysts
  • Attempting to unify large data sets at analyst level
  • Forcing analysts to independently define key metrics
  • Duplicating repetitive data prep tasks
  • Struggling to enforce data governance by policy

The webinar will take place on Wednesday 28 June 2018 at two times, 3pm – 4pm BST (10am – 11am EDT) and 6pm – 7pm BST (1pm – 2pm EDT). You’ll be registered for both and free to attend the session that suits your schedule.

Register for the live webinar to see what ZAP Data Hub can do

Don’t forget. You’ll be registered for both times and free to attend the session that suits your schedule.
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ZAP Data Hub – The Step Before Tableau Prep

ZAP Data Hub automates access, unification and preparation of all business data, providing analysts with a central, governed hub of data for faster, enhanced analysis with Tableau.
Analysts’ data-prep tasks – with tools such as Tableau Prep – become streamlined, making them value-add and enrichment-based, rather than administrative, repetitive and inefficient.
Say goodbye to repetitive tasks, make analysts’ data prep value-add and Tableau truly self-service.

“We’re excited to welcome the ZAP team to demonstrate the difference a reduction in backend data management processes can make to Tableau customers.”


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