ZAP launches new training academy program

You may have recently noticed an updated start page in ZAP Data Hub. Over the past months ZAP has focused on a major overhaul of its training assets and education delivery. It is with pride and exuberance we unveil the first phase of ZAP Data Hub Academy.

Our mission with ZAP Academy’s rollout is to educate all ZAP Data Hub users, both customers and partners, ensuring our curriculum is easily accessible by exposing education directly in ZAP Data Hub.

Our goal is to create a clean, streamlined, and measurable approach to education through guided learning paths and certification opportunities that promote individual learning styles with ZAP-hosted, hands-on instructor-led or self-paced consumption.

Our guided learning paths are offered in two main certification tracks: Analytics and Modeling. For each of these certification tracks, we have a series of basic, intermediate, and advanced courses to prepare users for optional certification. The initial phase of these certification tracks includes the basic and intermediate courses, with a scheduled second phase release to include advanced and certification for early 2021.

“We want to make learning as easy as possible and enable users to become power users in ZAP Data Hub for data management and analytics,” explains Sara Breedon, ZAP’s head of education.  “Our new ZAP Data Hub Academy courses make learning a breeze with short hands-on labs using a new Data Hub Training solution that is deployable directly within Data Hub instances.”

To ensure we are making education as accessible as possible for users, all of ZAP’s self-paced learning materials are free. If you learn better with an instructor, ZAP hosts monthly instructor-led courses which include our servers, live interactions, and hands-on guidance, and are available for a fee as remote classroom learning. Academy learning is available to both end users – as well as resellers – of ZAP Data Hub.

You can find our self-paced learning materials on the start page of a Data Hub instance or right here at, just click Support > Education > Self-Paced.

For instructor-led sessions, registration is available either via your ZAP reseller or on our website here.  From there you can choose your role, either Report Designer or Model Designer, before selecting from the courses and options available.