ZAP has released ZAP BI 7.4

The latest version of the software has improved architectural flexibility that enables customers to deploy any component of the product in any combination of on-premises or in a public (AWS and Azure) or private cloud environment.

This is complimented with the release of ZAP Data Gateway; a lightweight desktop app that delivers an optimized, stable way to access data from any on-premises data source from ZAP BI in the Cloud.

To support this release, ZAP has published a hybrid BI strategy guide to help businesses plan a successful hybrid BI deployment that will meet their business objectives.

In addition to increased architectural flexibility, ZAP BI 7.4 also includes many other usability and performance enhancements. These improvements ensure that the solution continues to be the fastest, most efficient and cost-effective way to access accurate, business-wide insight from multiple data sources.

Garth D Laird, ZAP President and CEO, comments on the release of ZAP BI 7.4:

“We’re committed to giving organizations the ability to get a trusted view of data from across their business. We often hear from people that difficulty unifying data from multiple sources is negatively impacting their ability to make important decisions, and ultimately, to achieve profitable growth. We also recognize that no two businesses are the same when it comes to IT infrastructure.


“That’s why ZAP BI 7.4 not only enables us to continue to give our customers a standardized, quick, easy to maintain and most importantly, trusted way to integrate and analyze data from multiple sources. It does this while providing customers with the option to deploy the solution in a way that fits their IT infrastructure today and in to the future.


“We’re also proud to publish our new hybrid BI strategy. We hope to help as many businesses as possible create hybrid BI strategies that will lead to successful deployments.”