ZAP Data Hub launches today

Fast, automated and sophisticated data management software increases actionable, data-driven business insight

ZAP today launches ZAP Data Hub that connects, collects and unifies business data, integrating it into a secure, governed hub and preparing it for reporting and expert analysis with any BI tool.

ZAP Data Hub significantly reduces the IT overhead associated with both accessing and preparing business data for analysis, and with defining and maintaining data security and data governance.  Its automated routines and intuitive user interface replace inefficient and inaccurate manual processes, as well as the need for time-consuming and expensive data warehouse projects.

ZAP Data Hub operates between a business’ BI tools and its wide variety of data sources – no matter where they are located or how they are hosted – unifying them to make business-wide reporting easier and to produce game-changing insight, enabling analysis by business process instead of by individual data silo.

Such data sources might include ERP (for example NetSuite, Sage or Microsoft Dynamics), CRM and marketing systems (from Salesforce to Marketo, Zendesk and Google Analytics) or HRM and payroll.  ZAP Data Hub also extends beyond on-premise and cloud-based ERP and CRM systems, integrating seamlessly with other cloud and on-premise data sources such as SQL Server, Azure SQL, Oracle, DB2, MySQL, Informix, PostgreSQL, Vertica and a limitless range of ODBC and .NET data providers.  To say nothing of a business’ myriad of Microsoft Excel workbooks and CSV files.

“ZAP Data Hub transforms disparate data silos into the thread that connects a business, and drives its competitive advantage,” explains ZAP’s CEO Garth Laird.  “No matter what your BI tool, an organization can use our software to access a governed hub of data for faster, more efficient and accurate reporting and analysis.  And businesses juggling one or many data sources can go from piecemeal views of disconnected data silos to analysis of interrelated, business-wide processes to drive real business improvements.”

ZAP Data Hub is GDPR-ready, and available as a fully-featured on-demand SaaS built on Microsoft Azure.  Private cloud, on-premise and hybrid deployments are also available.

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