Worldwide Dynamics Specialist Mint Group joins the ZAP Partner Network

Recognised as a top 1% global systems integrator, Mint Group is a 22-year-old Microsoft Gold-rated IT consultancy headquartered in Johannesburg, Gauteng.

With offices in South Africa, Africa, and the USA, Mint provides enterprise-wide solutions across the Microsoft Cloud Stack including Dynamics 365, Microsoft 365, Azure, and AI.

“We understand the complexity and time it takes to manage data effectively for your business,” Nikki Isherwood, says Mint’s Group’s Sales & Marketing Director.

“But how do we tackle this complexity, in the most time-effective manner? We use ZAP Data Hub, to deliver fast BI and financial reporting seamlessly from the Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM systems our clients use.”

“Mint Group’s experience in data and BI in the Microsoft field is second-to-none,” reports ZAP’s CEO Garth Laird. “It’s a testament to the quality and reliability of our SaaS that they have signed up as a ZAP partner and are already actively rolling our product out to their client base.”

Are you a Mint Group client? Read more about ZAP Data Hub on their website here.