New white paper: The 5 Ws OF GDPR

The ‘Five Ws’ of GDPR

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ZAP today publishes a free White Paper—“The ‘Five Ws’ of GDPR”—to set businesses on the road to understanding and working with GDPR, the EU’s radical and far-reaching data protection legislation, which comes into force in May 2018.

“(GDPR) will impact every entity that holds or uses European personal data,” PricewaterhouseCoopers’ Stewart Room recently told Computer Weekly, “both inside and outside of Europe.”

In “The ‘Five Ws’—What, Why, Who, Where and When—of GDPR” white paper, ZAP sets out:

  1. What is GDPR? And what are the ramifications for your business and your customers?
  2. Why is GDPR fundamental to both your business and your data management strategy?
  3. Who needs to be aware of GDPR, and who should be working on compliance?
  4. Where is it relevant – both geographically, and within a business?
  5. When does everything come into practice, and when do you need to be ready?

Explains Damien Zwillinger, ZAP Global Product Manager:

“In talking with our customers and partners, it’s clear that—even with the compliance deadline now looming—many businesses could really benefit from a clear and concise summary of not only why this legislation exists, but what the practical ramifications are, both from a data management and a business-wide perspective.”

Download the White Paper to read more