Join us for coffee at Tableau Conference Europe 2018

ZAP will sponsor and exhibit 3-5 July 2018 at the ExCeL Centre, London


ZAP is set to sponsor and exhibit at Tableau Conference Europe, to demonstrate to this vibrant community of #DataViz experts and “self-proclaimed Data Geeks” the difference ZAP Data Hub makes to all Tableau users.

“Automating the collection, unification, security and governance of business data across cloud and on-premise sources is a worthwhile part of the data journey,” said Ed Dolman, Vice President of EMEA Partners at Tableau. “We’re excited to welcome the team to Tableau Conference Europe to demonstrate the difference a reduction in backend data management processes can make to Tableau customers.”

ZAP Data Hub automates the access, unification, preparation and governance of data across multiple silos – such as ERP, CRM, HRM, SQL and Oracle – providing a single source of up-to-date business-wide data ready for faster, deeper self-service reporting and analysis with Tableau.

It removes the time, cost and errors associated with manually managing data across disparate silos, increasing trust in the resulting information.  And working with a central, governed data hub also means that analysts’ data preparation tasks are reduced, becoming value-add and enrichment-based, rather than administrative.

“Research shows that analysts often only spend 20% of their time analysing data because they spend 80% on data management, namely connecting to disparate data sources, collecting that data, integrating, preparing, governing and securing it” explains ZAP’s CEO, Garth Laird.  “With ZAP Data Hub, Tableau users can turn this completely on its head.  From 20/80 to an exponentially more productive 90/10 split.”